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November 21, 2011 Comments Off on NEW QUEER ON THE BLOCK: In the Crazy World of Mayhem, What Does it all mean? Views: 1346 #New Queer on the Block

NEW QUEER ON THE BLOCK: In the Crazy World of Mayhem, What Does it all mean?

COFFEE!!!! I spend many morning like this in order to fully understand what just happened, the night before.

I sit down to finally kick off the shoes and lay back to relax to then look back at the week and ask myself…

“What does it all mean?”

We live in a crazy world and events happen from all directions that some of us do feel a bit overwhelmed, am I right? First and foremost, we bid a heatedly farewell to Amoania Ammoania for she left us this week to head south to San Francisco. Her unique style of drag will be missed in Seattle, but I’ve got a feeling we haven’t seen the last of her! Thursday night was the grand celebration of RuPaul’s birthday at The Baltic Room and with three extremely sad queens trying to lipsync for their life to a RuPaul single made my eyes screaming out the door. However, they returned to dance and bump to Jason Dottley’s new single release. But what does all of this mean and where is my spiritual counselor to feed me explanations? Thursday night a few questions piqued my interest while out with the boys.

How many tricks you hold on your date book does it take to make you classify as a slut? This was a question that popped up Thursday night – or rather Friday early morning – and it made me think about the difference of sexual patterns from a guy in his early 20s to a guy in his late 20s. As we get older, do we gay guys slowly turn into u-haul lesbians?Then I started thinking about open relationships  and where does the line – the very fine line – start and end? But that was just a thought and I escape this queer mayhem for just a few days. But all of this – it’s just another week, another day, and there really is no meaning, except to have fun, let loose and see where the road takes you. Isn’t that part of the greater picture of life?

Thanksgiving is this week that means exactly one thing for this homo… no partying, no drinking, no crazy mayhem for the week. It’s a tradition of mine to cleanse my body the week of Thanksgiving and it’s already making a difference. Looking forward to be thankful for what has been given to me this past year and the people who are in my life. You know who you are – without you, I’d be just garlic mashed potatoes and that’s not very pleasing to the next suitor. I smell the turkey, yams, potatoes, and all the fixings with some friends who I love very much. Catch you next week for another episode of New Queer on the Block – same bat time, same bat channel. I’ll be announcing something fierce and magical for your pleasures.


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