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They’re Sexy and they’re divers!!!!

I’ll be honest I am not a big sports fan or even a small sports fan but I do love the Summer Olympics.  And why do I love the Summer Olympics you might ask; MEN’S DIVING!  I mean what’s not to love?  Hard bodies, tiny Speedos, glistening water…OH!  Where’s my London 2012 branded hand fan?

Thanks to Tom Daley and the other members of Great Britain’s dive team for this delightful video lib-dub to LFMAO’s “Sexy and I Now It” my obsession with men’s diving is heating up.  Here’s hoping that other teams follow suit, You-Tube Lib-Dub Off!!! Matthew Mitcham, I am talking to you!

And as a bonus at 2:03 our new sexy diver friends indulge in a little “horsemaning” which might be my new favorite meme!

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