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February 16, 2012 Comments Off on Valentine’s Day Sums It All Up…Abuse, Makeup, Rockstars and the Hidden Message of Love Views: 1120 #New Queer on the Block

Valentine’s Day Sums It All Up…Abuse, Makeup, Rockstars and the Hidden Message of Love

If you have been on the hill in recent days, then you’ll notice my absence in the greater world. Hell, even my Facebook page has been a bit obsolete with the lack of updates, but rather a lot of tagged pictures and check-ins at places around town that are not in my natural habitat of rendezvous meeting spots with the normal crowd of misfits.

Me with Shane and Sev at The Mercury's Show this last Sunday night when I shaved off my eyebrows to have one complete hot outfit and personality for the show.

Dating a rock star means getting my butt to all of his performances to not only support him, but his band mates as well. I’m not complaining one bit because I love the mystery of what might happen that night – as we all know, the show goes on with many surprises, adventures and revealing truths. It’s a life that I was born for, from those Italian-Scandinavian parents of mine. Those two delightful, cherishing, supportive parents are getting close to retirement and they are starting to discuss the sale of the house and a relocation to the coast. Is it really getting close to that time where your parents purchase a Harley Davidson and a couple of leather jackets to take off into the sunset to never be seen, except for the occasional holiday visit?

But enough about family and more about the abusive scare that I gave my Facebook friends last week when I posted a particular picture on my wall. It was all fake my dears and it was all a result from drinking whiskey with a boyfriend who is a former makeup artist. It’s nights like this that I cherish and adore the man that I’m dating because it totally brings out the younger Brian from the back burner. We don’t know what came over us, except a desire for youth. It was only one o’clock in the morning – we can’t help the fact that the term “night owl” is number one in our vocabulary.

Shane and I play with makeup while on a bottle of whiskey and a passion for late night debauchery and mayhem.

A new thing that we’re trying to do is tasting new adventures with restaurants and outdoorsy adventures, but that’s kind of hard to do when you’ve tried everything in the city, right? That’s not going to stop us from taking over the city as the two hottest gay rock stars in the region. It seems that after every show, we find ourselves at IHOP, grabbing some deep fried goodness or a simple cobb salad with a side of french fries covered with cheese and gravy. Hey! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, dearies.

After a show at IHOP with the mister: Shane. Capturing the right photo is a task high on the list and this is pretty darn close.

Valentine’s Day was just a few short days ago and instead of trying to book a table at some fancy restaurant, we decided to cook our V-Day meal with a couple of close friends inside a house with a fireplace. It was simple, sweet, and just perfect. We cooked some bacon-wrapped scallops, filet Mignon, asparagus and salad matched with a delicious (or rather five or six) Mai Tai’s, followed by a couple bottles of wine. At the end of the night we passed out to a couple of episode of South Park. We’re fancy, I know. However, watch out Seattle because there’s a new couple in town ready to kick you off your bar stool and show you how to really take a shot or two.

Diva's in the moment of suprise. Wouldn't you agree that two betches with black lips is just what Capitol Hill needed?

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