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Brite Future’s “Fun Fun Fun!”

You may have heard of Brite Future’s as they are formerly known as “Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head”. That name just takes too long to say so I’m glad they changed it!

The name change came about  reportedly due to Natalie Portman being not so keen on her name being used by the band. So when the band decided to change their name, they made a video to go along with it and got Natalie Portman to be in it. Very funny, check it out!


Brite Future’s is a comedic band in the style of Lonely island (the fellows that brought you “Dick In a Box”), but the humor is less obvious and only noticeable when you listen to the lyrics.

Their sound is 80’s style keyboard pop and so much fun! The beats catch you right away, and then you hear the lyrics. I thought they were just another Pop/Disco fusion band  but they have added a comical element to their songs making them unexpectedly hilarious!

The band formed in Seattle in 2008 (yeah they’re local!), and have released two full length albums and one ep. I can’t believe I didn’t hear them until late last year. AND, they played one of their first shows a few blocks from my house. How did I miss that???

They released their first album in 2008 “Glistening Pleasures”. The record went out of print when they signed to Warner Bros. However, they re-released the album titling it “Glistening Pleasures 2.0” with three less tracks than the first. Luckily I was able to get my hands on a copy of the first album to hear it in it’s entirety. In 2009 they released an EP,  “Meet Hot Singles”, then their second full-length album “Dark Past” came out in 2011.

They have a great website with their videos, photos, song downloads and other fun stuff. Check it out at:

Happy Listening!

Song of The Week:

Luscious Jackson “Here” 1994

I forgot about this song! Funky tune that was used on the “Clueless” film Soundtrack!

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