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And He Can Cook!!!

March 7, 2012 Comments Off on Cannot Unsee!!! Views: 1580 #Fashion, Celebrityville, Living

Cannot Unsee!!!

Cannot.Un.See!!!!!  Here is famewhore and “fashion icon” Jessica Simpson getting her Demi Moore on.  What’s that taste you ask?  It’s the throw-up that just slid into your mouth.  Oops did I just ruin your morning?

Someone at Elle should be fired.  Click through to their site if you want to burn your eyeballs and lower your IQ.  Personally I am going to buy a bottle of eyewash and several tabs of Aspirin, lock myself in a dark room and try to rebuke the hell out of these images.

PS For the record I am not anti-woman or anti-baby (well I am kinda anti-baby at least on airplanes and in restaurants) but I am definitely 100% anti-Jessica Simpson.


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