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March 3, 2012 Comments Off on Daniel Radcliffe: WAAAAAY F*cking Hotter than that “Twilight” putz… Views: 1654 Media Beat

Daniel Radcliffe: WAAAAAY F*cking Hotter than that “Twilight” putz…

Daniel Radcliffe in Bullet. Photography by Mariano Vivanco

Bullet is a newish magazine/website and as a ┬ámagazine fanboy, Mr. Strangeways has to say that the look/design/content of Bullet is making his pants a little tingly. It’s got that hot, art- farty, slightly pretentious-but-in-a-good-way vibe going on… like the great magazines of the 80’s and 90’s: Spy and Arena and Interview (when it was cool) and Paper. Launching a new media outlet in this day and age is tough…we wish them the best of luck!

Actor Daniel Radcliffe is this quarter’s cover boy and does a fashion photo shoot with photography by Mariano Vivanco and we have to say that Dan Rad just gets HOTTER and HOTTER as he gets older…yes, he’s 5 foot nothin’ but who cares? He’s wee but winsome and looks pleasantly shag-able in these high fashion duds. We’re also pleased his first non-Harry Potter movie, “The Woman in Black” has done pretty respectable business at the box office…we’ve also heard it’s a good old fashioned scary/haunted house/ ghost story without huge globs of lameass CGI bullshit…we approve of the film and we approve of Mr. Radcliffe.

Frankly, our man Dan makes Robert Pattinson look like a dog abortion. Twinkly ass daytime vampires with dirty hair can kiss my puddin’ hole…

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