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March 3, 2012 Comments Off on Seattle Circuit Party? Is it possible? Views: 4256 Nightlife, We Love The Nightlife

Seattle Circuit Party? Is it possible?

I came out in the early 90s at a time when Vogue was the dance song of choice and boys were removing their body hair and lifting weights constantly.  I definitely had my reservations about circuit parties and what they stood for.  I saw them as nothing more than a drug-induced of clone-like men looking for as many hook-ups as possible while gyrating to the hottest DJs in the country.  So, it took a few years of living with my prejudgments before I actually attended my first one.  Blue Ball in Philadelphia was my first.  I saw a lot of new men and a lot of locals.  I did see the drug use and some sexual indecency, but as a whole, the music was phenomenal.  I made new friends.  I stayed sober.  I guess it is what you make it.  Just as in anything you set out to experience, you create the night you want.

A few years later, I ventured down to Miami for Winter Party.  Once again, listening to DJ Tracy Young had me dancing on the beach for hours.  I didn’t mind spending the money on this event.  I cherish all the memories I have of these events and portion of my money goes to a good cause.  I moved to Seattle.  I find myself asking around, “which clubs book the big DJs once a month or so.?”  I am given blank stares.  A few months ago, I was hired by The Baltic Room to bartend a Saturday night event called Rewind with DJ Brian Gorr.  I was feeling the music.  I felt at home.  The club was packed with all the types who I have seen in Miami and at Blue Ball.  Seattle DOES have a market for this.  So why hasn’t anyone done this?  The Emerald Party?

I know there have been some talks about starting something here in Seattle.  There is also gossip flying around about the new spots that are set to open this spring.  I know the cost of some of these big named DJs and also know that the market is here to support the cost.  Can we bring the international DJs to the biggest growing city in the country right now?

The Circuit is huge!  Seattle should be a destination on this tour.  It is great for the community, great for tourism, and great for the local economy. I wasn’t sold on the Seattlelite’s desire for this type of event.  There seems to be a very relaxed, low-key party scene here.  But, like I mentioned earlier, the ‘circuit’ type calls the Emerald City home.  Now, it is up to us to take the mirror ball by the chain and make it happen!





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