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They Don’t Just Keep Their Capes In The Closet…

Super Heros Hit It From the Back! - Image: Boom! Studios

Attention Gay comic book fan boys!!!  Boom! Studios has released the second issue of their series Supurbia, which I understand deals with super-heroes and their SOs.  

Apparently two of the heroes, Night Fox and Agent Twilight, have been engaging in some down-low sexy times (ESCANDALO!).  In this issue Night Fox’s wife walks in on the boys doing the dirty (Has she never seen Street Car Named Desire?  Knock before you enter a room or a super-hero’s headquarters!).

I am not much of a comic book fan, I like books with less pictures, but I thought those of you that are would enjoy this interesting storyline and the illustrations of some gay super-hero sex; I mean those nipples could cut glass!

You’re welcome, nerds.

Heads up courtesy of Towleroad.


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