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May 30, 2012 Comments Off on Most Vegans Are Insufferable But Not Many Are This Sexy! Views: 5991 Uncategorized

Most Vegans Are Insufferable But Not Many Are This Sexy!

Is that a Tofurky in your panties???

What with all the news of shootings in the city today I thought we could all do with something light, something sexy and something…vegan?

Feast your eyes on Zachary Koval, PETA’s 2012 Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door.  I believe he was crowned a few weeks ago but HuffPo’s Gay Voices (Ugh, really  that page name???) just posted an interview with the Brooklyn-based actor, peformer and Vegan.

Maybe I am blinded by his abs but his answers to the writer’s questions don’t come off as arrogant and self-righteous as I would expect from a vegan.  Maybe I give too much weight to generalizations?  Or maybe I just skimmed the content.  Anyway if you are interested in reading the interview you can do so here.

As for me I am going to just gaze into his crotch…ahem…abs…ahem, eyes.  Oh, and there are more shots of the Adonis-like Mr. Koval on his Facebook fan page (of course he has a Facebook fan page): Zachary Koval.

Here’s one last parting shot:

So earnest!!!




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