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The Filthy “Mistletomosexuals” Will Be Invading Capitol Hill Bars…SQUEE!

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Gettin’ Eggy With It…Easter Options

Something that will NEVER happen in Seattle...SFO's "Hunky Jesus Contest" in Dolores Park.

Something that will NEVER happen in Seattle…SFO’s “Hunky Jesus Contest” in Dolores Park.

Sunday, March 31 is Easter and it’s oddly HOT in Seattle…Global Warming or Impending Rapture?

There are homoriffic options for fun Easter events…including the horridly promoted annual “Easter Bonnet Contest” at C.C. Attle’s from 3pm to 5pm and benefiting the Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle’s Scholarship Fund. As usual, the Court has done a craptastic job of promotion…I know they are an OLD, OLD, OLD organization but surely SOMEONE in the Court has heard of social media? Or, even posters? Can someone wake up the fossils and let them know it’s no longer 1984?

Anyway, if you like Easter bonnets and making Easter bonnets and winning gift certificates to C.C.’s and seeing bearish men WEAR Easter bonnets, then please check this out to benefit the Scholarship Fund.

Meanwhile, Lobby is also hosting an “Adult Easter Party” featuring “Gary the Bunny” and an egg hunt from 3pm to 8pm. “Get a raffle ticket with every Absolut purchase to snatch an egg out of Gary’s Easter Sack for a chance to win some naughty door prizes provide by The Crypt.”

“Gary’s Easter Sack” sounds REALLY nasty…

Down in Pike Place Market at Can Can, they are offering up a draggy/burlesquey Easter treat with “Bunny Bounce-Easter Party & Show” with a whole slew of awesome performers including hostess Robbie Turner and DJ L.A. Kendall from 7pm to Midnight…oh, and it’s FREE! More poo:

You’ve dusted off your Easter finery and donned your bunny ears with pride. Now it’s time to BUNNY BOUNCE!

The Can Can presents “Bunny Bounce” a very special Easter Sunday, cover free, burlesque and cabaret variety show. Join us for a night of burlesque, cabaret, live music, and all sorts of Easter bunny madness!

This Easter come hop on down to the Market for a great show, and let’s do the Bunny Bounce!

Show hosted by Seattle Drag Queen extraordinaire,
Robbie Turner

with performances by:
Lydia McLane
Jamie Von Stratton
Miss Bunny
Kutie La Bootie
and Tipsy Lee Rose!

After the show L.A Kendall will be spinning til midnight.

Bunny Bounce is the official After Party for Pastor Kaleb’s 14th Annual Easter Service,

AND the official After Party for BunnyCon,

If you could care less about Easter/Bunnies/Eggs/Jesus Rising From His Tomb, then simply head over to Pony for the Third Anniversary of “The World’s Tiniest Tea Dance”  from 4pm onwards with DJ’s Freddy, King of Pants and El Toro and zexy go go boys dressed like Jesus which is nothing unusual since many folks at Pony tend to look like gay hipster versions of Jesus.


OR, quickly fly down to San Francisco for their annual “Hunky Jesus Contest” produced by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence…it’s kinky fun and something that no one in Seattle has the balls to try and replicate in Nanny State Land.




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