Saturday: Almond’s Hard Block….Glitoris….Miss Bacon Strip…Score…

TOO Many Options! Queer Spawn…HollaBack…Pridol Goes West…Oy!

May 16, 2014 Comments Off on Friday Includes: Dickslappin’….Libertine….Bootie Prom….Rocky Horror…. Views: 1563 Stuff to Do

Friday Includes: Dickslappin’….Libertine….Bootie Prom….Rocky Horror….

Dame Terry Miller: Spokes Model for the WORLD enjoying an adult novelty. Photo: Rachel Robinson for Nark Magazine

Sir Terry Miller: Spokes Model for the WORLD enjoying an adult novelty.
Photo: Rachel Robinson for Nark Magazine

BIG options for Friday Night Phun in Seattle this deliciously balmy May 16, 2014 include:

DICKSLAP at The Seattle Eagle but minus the event producer DJ Nark/Mr. Kevin Kauer who’s off in BERLIN! GERMANY!! IN EUROPE!!! Being all Germanic angsty and arty. (Code for: Getting laid a lot in the hotness known as German Men with huge uncut dongs.) Meanwhile, here in Seattle, he’s being replaced with DJ’s RECESS and PAVONE and the host for this evening is TROUBLE aka Terry “It got better after I started going to the gym a lot and getting this killer hot bod” Miller. Last year Mr. Trouble/Miller hosted a similar Dickslap with his husband (Dame Dan Savage) and they gave away a buttload of sex toys courtesy of Well, that’s happening AGAIN so lube up your ass and COME ON DOWN to the Eagle from 9pm to 3am for pervy faggoty PHUN!

LIBERTINE is a newish night at Re-bar and it’s being self-described as “A new lesbian, queer, trans, bi, and friends club night every 3rd Friday of the month at Re-Bar Seattle!!” and it’s the brainchild of resident hosts/djs Irene L. (Wasabi) and Julia. This month’s edition features very special guest stars: DJ SOL and KID AMIGA with visuals by PlanetDisco & Brit Zerbo. It’s free before 11pm and $7 after. Try a sip of the Libertine Lifestyle…you might like it.

Bootie is also a 3rd Friday of the Month kind of groove thang (Third Fridays are now officially kind of cool) and the popular mash-up dance party is back at the Chop Suey with its hellaciously popular Prom Party. More info:

Seattle’s only all-mashup dance party 
Every THIRD FRIDAY at Chop Suey
Come as you are or dress up in creative Prom attire for a chance to win CA$H prizes! ’80s Prom? Pirate Prom? Punk Prom? You decide! Contest at midnight!
• Prom King
• Prom Queen
• Best Prom Couple
Cash prizes for each!
Mashup chaperone DJs:
$5 before 10 PM . $10 after
FREE Bootie mashup CDs to the first 100 people!

Finally, if you’re yearning to sing a long with Rocky, Magenta, Riff Raff, Brad, Janet & Frankie, then head to SIFF’s midnight screening of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW at The Egyptian tonight. It would be a lovely way to revisit our newly reopened old friend (if you’ve been living under a porn star, The Egyptian closed last year after Landmark Cinemas decided to not renew their lease; SIFF just announced they will be taking over that lease and the beloved cinema will be open for all of this month’s film festival, then close for remodeling and re-open later this year.) and celebrate that occasion by messing up the place with toast, water, toilet paper and whatever bodily fluids you express during the show….

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