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Revel in the Sweetness with Seattle’s Sexiest Nutcracker!


Sick of your typical titty dances? Seen your fill of boylesque? Eager to experience something new, raw, fun, and unlike anything you’ve seen before?

Sounds like you need to get your “sexy holiday” fix at Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker! Presented by Verlaine and McCann Present, the show runs from December 11th-27th at the Triple Door. Tickets are available at

Cast is comprised of Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann themselves, as well as local favorite Waxie Moon (dear jeebus, he’s in just everything this year, isn’t he?) as The King of Rats. The stars lead the way among V&MP’s Corps du Burlesque, comprised of other talented local artists, for what promises to be the funnest, artful, and most entertaining Nutcracker performance you could possibly see this winter. Probably a “nutcracker” will have a “bit” to play as well (those are puns, folks…I don’t use quotation marks lightly).

As the website says, “This power-house ensemble reveals the offstage lives of the staid characters of The Nutcracker as they shed their inhibitions…and their costumes!” *snicker* According to the press release, “Our original intent in creating this show was to give people a new, theatrical experience during the holidays,” said co-producer Jasper McCann. “Land of the Sweets is a great example of our new dance language in burlesque; a variety of immensely talented characters working as an ensemble to create a detailed, entertaining story.”

We’ve all seen our fair share of burlesque. There are plenty of shows out there that just end up being stripping acts we can drink at (hint, hint, City Council…let us drink at strip clubs…). As someone who appreciates and likes dance, I do actually respect a burlesque performer who’s trained in the art and makes an art out of it. As a lesbian, I also don’t mind seeing women gradually get naked, either. But when I want to see something sexy, I like the idea of sexiness being part of the story. Not porn stories, and not a film with erroneous sex scenes. What will be awesome to see here is a beautiful blending of all of the above. And here’s to betting the show will be nothing but fabulous! With male and female (and everything in between) performers, there’s eye candy for everyone over 17!

This being the ninth year running, Land of the Sweets will be a crazy wonderful display of ballet, burlesque, performance, comedy, showmanship, and feast-for-the-eyes storytelling. Why are you still reading this? Go get tickets!


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