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One is the loneliest number at Seattle’s first ever “Heterosexual Pride” parade

Image: Facebook

Yesterday, Facebook lit up at the realization of a planned “Heterosexual Pride Parade” throughout Seattle’s Capitol Hill gayborhood on July 25th. Anthony Rebello, a hetero-activist of sorts, created the event to “celebrate (his) right to be heterosexual, and to encourage younger heterosexuals that they should be proud of their heterosexuality.”

Of course, Seattle’s LGBT community collectively pounced on the event page and let loose with their unfiltered thoughts on the ill-advised event, especially the route that Mr. Rebello had chosen for his parade.

He quickly replied to commenters telling to stop bashing him or calling them a dominatrix. Perhaps most damning though, was the fact that his very own Facebook page linked to his personal blog that was littered with anti-gay rhetoric, despite the fact that he said he was welcoming of the LGBT community.

“In response to the whole gay marriage thing, as an artist, and an individual, I feel the need to voice my opinion on the subject. I apologize if my opinion hurts anyones feelings,” Rebello said. “I think it’s a trend. A cry for attention. From your government, a distraction. For $.”

11752478_861729147253647_2553742156807045317_n (1)

Image: Facebook

Oh, but he didn’t stop there!

“I have also created an event: Heterosexual Parade. Gay Mafia? Maybe animals should be allowed to get married? Would they govern and tax them too? While they’re at it, how about equal rights for insects…I don’t agree with boys turning into girls, and I don’t agree with girls turning into boys. The way I see it, some boys never turn into men, and some girls never turn into women. What a shitshow.”

Well, after all the comment-wars on the event page, Anthony Rebello was the only ignorant fool in attendance for the first ever Seattle Heterosexual Pride Parade. Better luck next year, bro!

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17 Responses to One is the loneliest number at Seattle’s first ever “Heterosexual Pride” parade

  1. Hi – Sara Linde here. Flattered, but I didn’t take the photograph. Instead, they were pulled from the event listings. Good article!

  2. A cry for $ is something he appears to be familiar with given he’s apparently been soliciting donations for a while now.

  3. What a sad person.

  4. We shouldn’t be laughing at him. This is a serious affront — Rebello is only the tip of the iceberg of anti-gay activism. We need to learn from our own history of fighting the Nazis who said they were going to take over the Pacific Northwest as an all-white region. Folks got organized, held counter-demonstrations wherever and whenever they showed up, and drove then out of the region. Whenever anyone says to “just ignore them and they will go away” just remember our own history. When has ignoring a problem ever made it go away?

  5. Orion says:

    Some “MEN,” are just assholes.

  6. Mark Drummond, there are more hetro people that support EQUALITY than there are that don’t. He’s the tip of an iceberg alright, the part that floats into the air on a windy day and disappears.
    I have several gay family members (my child included) and when some jerk like that goes after one gay person, I take that very personal!! You seriously think straight parents are going to let fools like him pick on our children? Maybe some parents would but NOT the majority!!
    The gay life isn’t for me but then my life style probably isn’t for you either so.. let’s just be decent human beings and give fools the benefit of the doubt.
    I grew up in the Northwest, I love it here, so do most that live here. Dude was ALONE in Seattle… of all places, that and Portland are our stomping playgrounds!!

    I’m also a Christian and I do believe in leaving the judging of people up to God, just like we’re commanded to do. I love everyone and I pray for your safety and that you all reach the levels of equal treatment so many take for granted.

    I also sell self defense items and will sell items to you at cost if you need them. Stun guns, pepper sprays, batons.. drop me an email and put “PRIDE” on it so I know to give you discounts.

  7. Tony says:

    You would think a self-described “artist” would have more attractive material for his signage in his studio than the side of a brown cardboard box.

  8. Danny says:

    A starving Artist

  9. […] 169 responded “yes” to the event, just one person showed up , according to Seattle Gay Scene: Rebello. Photos of him marching with balloons and a cardboard […]

  10. says:

    “Gay pride was not born of a need to celebrate being gay, but our right to exist without persecution. So instead of wondering why there isn’t a straight pride movement, be thankful you don’t need one.”

  11. […] 169 responded “yes” to the event, just one person showed up, according to Seattle Gay Scene: Rebello. Photos of him marching with balloons and a cardboard sign […]

  12. Moe Smith says:

    this half-wit was hoping to find a hook-up. nothing more. What a sad little person

  13. Jared Venti says:

    Bet he’s also a supporter of meninism

  14. Spectator says:

    No worries here. I can’t see how this was ever going to be the neo-Nazis marching through Skokie. Give this oxymoronic “one-man parade” credit for excising his first amendment rights and garnering his 15 Minutes of Fame and leave it at that. He has an appropriate sounding last name at least. Sounds like “rebel”, as in Rebello Without a Cause.