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Jane Wiedlin’s New Music Project “Elettrodomestico” At Sunset Tavern

Jane Wiedlin, Pietro Straccia are Elettrodomestico

Jane Wiedlin, Pietro Straccia are Elettrodomestico

  1. We love Jane Wiedlin

  2. Jane Wiedlin is ageless

  3. Jane Wiedlin has a new music project with instrumentalist Pietro Straccia called “Elettrodomestico”. The duo are making fun, accessible electronic pop.

  4. “Elettrodomestico” is Italian for “house appliance”

  5. The duo are performing at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard on Wednesday, October 18th.

  6. Check them out live and check out their videos and new album

  7. Have we mentioned we love Jane Wiedlin?

Jane Wiedlin, Pietro Straccia are Elettrodomestico and headed to Ballard's Sunset Tavern on October 18, 2017

Jane Wiedlin, Pietro Straccia are Elettrodomestico and headed to Ballard’s Sunset Tavern on October 18, 2017


NewWave/Pop/Punk icon Jane Wiedlin (The Go Go’s) teams up American/Italian multi instrumentalist Pietro Straccia (EPIQE) to create timeless electro psychedelic pop songs as ELETTRODOMESTICO.

They are touring the West Coast together with Joe Gore (Tom Waits, PJ Harvey..) on bass and Dawn Richardson (4 Non Blondes, Tracy Chapman) on drums in support of their debut album
‘If You’re A Boy Or A Girl’ out October 20th.

The band has already released 4 out of 10 videos each made by an ever expanding collective of California based artists.

Often times, the lyrics of a song can get lost in the music. But for psych-pop’s Elettrodomestico, the lyrics are as important as the groovy bass lines and dramatic melodies. The single “Aloha” comes from Elettrodomestico’s premiere album If You’re A Boy or A Girl (October 20, 2017). Aloha is an expression used in the Hawaiian language that literally means “hello, goodbye, hospitality and love” and translates perfectly into the tune written by songwriters Jane Wiedlin and Pietro Straccia. The track represents the duality of Hawaii’s beauty and grit.


This duo met in 2016 in Oakland, CA. With strong roots in rebellion, rock and roll, it would only be naturally that Jane Wiedlin (the founder of the Go-Go’s) would continue to create music after the all-female band retired from touring in 2016.

Elettrodomestico came about after Jane and Pietro wrote their first song together, “Rabbit Stew”, inspired and influenced by the death of David Bowie, in January 2016.

The real and raw response to their collaboration was the motivation needed to continue writing and producing. Even though they had no actual band in mind, they enjoyed the process so much that they continued writing together for the rest of 2016. By December, the duo wound up with enough material for a full-length album and decided to start a band together. Because Pietro is Italian, they came up with the band name Elettrodomestico, which means “appliance” in Italian. This seemed fitting, since the duo use multiple electronic and robotic sounds on their recordings. While many of the lyrics explore alienation and despair, the sound of the duo is markedly upbeat, with layered guitars, intricate harmonies, and four-to-the-floor pop drumbeats.

Jane’s history of making history with The Go-Go’s contributes to the collab in a very obvious way: she’s a force of nature and not afraid to try something new. Even if it meant going to Italy to tour this Summer 2017 with Pietro to share to the world what they had been creating, it was a no-brainer. Elettrodomestico is not only a household Italian term, but soon to be a household name for those yearning for a fresh sound coming from a known source.

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