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April 24, 2018 Comments Off on Video: How Modern Media Has Failed the LGBTQ + Community Views: 1198 Editorials, Media, Media Beat, News, Public Soapbox, Queer Media

Video: How Modern Media Has Failed the LGBTQ + Community


Hey, we LOVE it when readers like to contribute stories to SGS, especially when it’s in alternate kinds of media. Here, “Starry Prince” sent us a video they made for a class called “Civic Engagement and Social Justice” about “How Modern Media Has Failed the LGBTQ + Community” where they interview several LGBTQ people on how they feel about the subject.


Thanks for watching! This was created as part of a project I chose (why did I choose a film while not having made any film related things for years on end? The world will never know). As a queer person myself, this is a topic that is very important to me. If you want to help even more, try doing some quick personal research! Try starting with organizations like GLAAD, or do a brief search on the stereotypes displayed in films and TV shows. Above all, support movies created by and featuring the community! Being a good ally means actually taking the steps to learn and contribute what you can!


Check it out!

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