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Greg Aram’s New Song/Video: “Boys Don’t Cry”

I dunno….some boys do. 

Tell us we look fat and most of us burst into tears.

We also eat quiche.

I keed…the song is actually “Boys don’t cry….but I do”. 

It’s sweet….and catchy. 

Check it.

Singer Greg Aram

Singer Greg Aram

Greg Aram is a pop singer and songwriter currently based out of New York and Los Angeles by way of Hoboken. An all-around fun time enthusiast, Greg’s body of work has hailed praise from the likes of HighsnobietyVFILESDJ BoothPurple Melon andCOMPLEX.

Out now, “Boys Don’t Cry” is the perfect visual accompaniment for his newest single, capturing a summer day with the boys, but without the unhealthy bro vibes. A collaboration between Greg and longtime friend Daddy Ramazani, the video subversively showcases motifs associated with outdated concepts of American masculinity, reinforcing the single’s call to disregard those toxic ideals in favor of emotional intelligence and maturity. His crew runs deep with models Christian Dion and Levi Berlin, NYC rappers Ro Ransom andOrrin and NYC skateboarder Chris Hell as they go from wearing bullet-proof vests to glitter eye shadow in the span of a quintessential summer day. The music video follows Greg’s spring single, “Lazy Bone“, and 2016’s Peach EP, which has garnered over 700k Soundcloud streams.

Releases New Music Video:


Rising pop-savant Greg Aram is not here for an average day with the bros… what starts off with bulletproof vests ends up in glitter eye shadow. 

Music video for Boys Don’t Cry performed by Greg Aram. Directed by Daddy

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