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For Food Network Geeks Only…


The completely inexplicable Paula Deen, the Queen of Buttery Savannah GA, turns 64 today. If you aren’t a devotee of the Food Porn Channel…. er… Food NETWORK, then you may not be familiar with Miss Paula Deen or her two big strappin’ cornfed sons Bobby and Jamie who have had a few shows off and on over the last decade or so. Her cornerstone show, Paula’s Home Cooking, has been on since 2002.

Bobby and Jamie Deen are half the reason I ever watch Paula Deen's shows. After all, I can pour butter on stuff without any help

Frankly, anybody who can present a recipe for fried butter nuggets on TV, and keep a straight face is a winner in my book and worthy of love and admiration. (She does actually do some non-laughable, tasty food too!)  But since no celeb should be exempt from the satire, may I direct you to a really funny site called “Food Network Humor” which is one of the first sites I’ve visited in a while where an LOL was literal.



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