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March 23, 2011 Comments Off on It’s a beautiful day today but not at Capitol Hill Alano Club. Views: 1184 Community News

It’s a beautiful day today but not at Capitol Hill Alano Club.

The CHAC fire. Photo: Capitol Hill Blog

Today is giving a lot of mixed messages. It’s GORGEOUS outside, but so much sad, crappy news floating around…the Seattle theater community mourns the death of Mark Chamberlin; the world mourns the loss of Elizabeth Taylor; events in Japan are upsetting and for the Capitol Hill Alano Club, it’s a major bummer of a week. The vital organization was hit with a burglary and fire at their location at 19th & Madison early Tuesday morning. Reports indicate that a safe was broke open and a fire set to cover the crime with a result of $75,000 in damages. This loss, coming on the heels of last year’s financial crisis for the organization which provides alcohol and drug counseling to the LGBTQ community, is a devasting blow. Aaron E. from CHAC’s Board of Directors released this statement, (available in full on their website):

The Board of Directors is having an emergency meeting this evening to come up with a battle plan for the days and weeks to come. Our primary goal is to get the Club open again as soon as possible! Many thanks to our allies in the community. Our President, David C., has been meeting with media and community supporters most of today and the results of those meetings will be posted soon.

Want to help?
If you want to be of service in this time of need there are many ways you can help!

Volunteer for the cleanup
Donate via our (new and improved) secure PayPal donation page
What about the meetings?
Please visit our Links page for links to Seattle area meetings of 12-step recovery groups. Also, we have received word that several groups have organized alternate meeting places. Alternate meeting times/places will most likely be posted by individual groups on the front door of the Club. We are also willing to post alternate meeting location information here on the site until we are back up and running.

We STRONGLY urge everyone to help out CHAC as much as they can…they offer vital services to our community for the benefit of everyone.

We’ll keep you posted.


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