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April 20, 2011 Comments Off on Breaking News, Sweeties: AbFab is coming BAAAAACK! Views: 1424 TV Land

Breaking News, Sweeties: AbFab is coming BAAAAACK!

That twitching sensation you’re feeling at the base of your queer cerebellum is your body sensing the presence of new fabulosity in the air…The Guardian just posted news that the BBC has confirmed that beloved sit-com, Absolutely Fabulous will be returning to the airwaves within the next year. Co-star Joanna Lumley hinted last fall that creator/star Jennifer Saunders had started talks to bring back the iconic series about the drunken/drugged duo of Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone and their misadventures with the trendy and chic of swinging London. Firmly embraced by the LGBTQ community, the politically incorrect satire on modern pop culture has won legions of queer fans since the original series in 1992, eventually completing five seasons and numerous one-off specials, the last of which aired in 2005 as part of Comic Relief.

One fly in the AbFab ointment: it looks like this will be a limited return with only three new episodes being planned. Previous seasons/series of the show ran six episodes. According to the report, Ms Saunders hasn’t begun writing the new episodes but it’s hoped the new episodes will film this summer for airing in fall or winter. (We’re guessing it could start at Christmas; the BBC has a tradition of airing “big” events as a Christmas/Boxing Day treat.)

We’re hoping they get rid of Saffy’s husband…frankly, he was a bit of a bore, as a character, and at least for American tastes, bordered on being a characterture. And, they’d better have plenty of Bubble…

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