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August 26, 2011 Comments Off on First new AbFab pix leak out and Sylar gets a new TV gig. Views: 1541 TV Land

First new AbFab pix leak out and Sylar gets a new TV gig.

The first photos have leaked from the recently started filming set of the new series of “Absolutely Fabulous”, the first new episodes in 7 years. Shots of stars Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley filming on location in the posh Bond Street section of London have turned up on The Daily Mail Online along with a surprisingly shittily written article about the new series. Reportedly, only three new episodes are being filmed with the first one tentatively scheduled to air in the UK at Christmas. And, Mo Gaffney who plays Bo, has announced she’ll be appearing in at least one of the new episodes set to film in September.

I’m a wee bit worried about this new series…sometimes it’s best to end things before they get…stale. And, not to be mean, it can be sad to see actors cling to well loved characters past their expiration date. We’ll see.

Cute...also, not fooling anyone. Just come out already! You know you wanna!

In other gay TV news, everyone’s favorite “He’s sorta/kinda out of the closet” actor, Zachary Quinto, best known as Sylar from “Heroes” and the new Spock in the rebooted “Star Trek” films, has been cast as a gay character on “Glee” producer Ryan Murphy’s new spooky FX series, “American Horror Story”. He won’t be a series regular, but will feature prominently in a multi-episode story arc. From Deadline Hollywood:

American Horror Story, which stars Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton and Jessica Lange, is described as a psychosexual thriller. It centers on therapist Ben Harmon (McDermott) and his wife Vivien (Britton) who, dealing with the aftermath of Ben’s adultery, move along with their kids into a new house that seems to know all about their fears and plays on them. Quinto, who will appear in at least four episodes, will play Chad, the gay former owner of the house who becomes friends with Vivien.

The question is, will “American Horror Story” be your typical Ryan Murphy project? Meaning, the idea is great, and it’ll start out great, but eventually crumble into self-indulgent, uneven crap like “Nip/Tuck” and “Glee”….

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