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February 17, 2015 Comments Off on Darren Criss To Expose His “Angry Inch” On The Broadway Stage Views: 9422 Arts & Entertainment, Stage

Darren Criss To Expose His “Angry Inch” On The Broadway Stage

The revival of the cult classic gender bending musical HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH continues to keep interest alive in its very successful reincarnation on Broadway, currently  onstage at the Belasco Theatre and starring the show’s creator and original star, John Cameron Mitchell. This production debuted last March with Neil Patrick Harris in the role of the East German immigrant who undergoes a botched sex change operation (thus, the ‘angry inch’ in the title) to escape to the west and eventually evolves into a Rock ‘n’ Roll Goddess. Harris won the Tony Award and the show quickly recouped its $5 million capitalization in only 15 weeks. Since NPH left the show,  Andrew Rannells (Side Note: who was apparently in Seattle over the weekend, and on a date with another famous but still closeted TV actor…) and Michael C. Hall have played the role, prior to Mr. Mitchell taking over at the first of this year.

Just announced today, the next scheduled star to fill Hedwig’s glam rock boots and feathered Farrah hair: rapidly aging “Glee” star DARREN CRISS will step in for a 12 week run starting April 29, 2015. It’s a smart career move for Criss and a great gig. “Glee” is finally limping off the air this spring and the actor needs a high profile job to overcome his overly long association with a show that jumped the creative shark, four seasons ago. Will the sexy perversion of “Hedwig” give Criss a shot of needed credibility and “edge” as a performer and get him to a place where he can move beyond sucking up to the fatuous adulation of culturally retarded and deluded fan girls and grandmas who make up the majority of his fan base?

Or, will they turn on him and rip him to shreds for venturing beyond his bland Blaine persona? Those Darren Criss Fan Gurls are MEEEEEEEAN and CRAAAAAAAAAZY!!!!! They “broke” SGS three years ago because we posted a naughty fake photo of the Canadian heart throb. Let’s test our luck….here’s a couple pervy, phony/fake Darren Criss sexually crass shots of the oddly beloved singer/actor. (There are some FILTHY ones out there…I refrained from posting the ones involving fake seminal fluid Photoshopped onto Darren’s purdy face…)

Co-star Chord tops Darren in the shower...ZEXY!

Co-star Chord tops Darren in the shower…ZEXY!

Prepping for penetration!

Prepping for penetration!

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