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February 16, 2015 Comments Off on Happy President’s Day….Mardi Gras….Ash Wednesday…Tet….Lunar New Year… Views: 2223 Holiday Events, News

Happy President’s Day….Mardi Gras….Ash Wednesday…Tet….Lunar New Year…


So many holidays in the span of a week or so…and, most of them useless. The commercial horror of Valentine’s Day was last Saturday and today is President’s Day, a joyous occasion that involves not working if you’re employed by the government or a bank and the opportunity for EVERYONE to purchase low cost mattresses and bedding free of the scourge of bed bugs.

You can also make the time to enjoy Dina Martina’s “President’s Day Song” and pay tribute to President Winston Churchill. And, we have provided you just such an opportunity…ENJOY!

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras, which is hella fun if you live in New Orleans, Brazil, or some other heavily catholic country with vile amounts of humidity and a love for excessive drinking. Since dumbass rioting drunks ruined Seattle Mardi Gras celebrations back in 2001, we don’t have many options for local bead tossing and the exposure of genitalia. Though, we heard there’s a Mardi Gras themed show down at the Columbia City Theatre, involving burlesque stars and The Peculiar Pretzelmen, which sounds filthy but I’m guessing it’s not. Sadly.

Ash Wednesday=Odd catholic voodoo and hopefully an opportunity to devour pancakes.

Really, the only useful holiday this week is Lunar New Year which goes by many names in many (but not all) nations in Asia, (including Tet in Vietnam) which obviously means a lot to Asian folks but also anyone who enjoys a chance to eat dumplings and some variation of an egg roll and have a stroll through an Asian New Year event, like the one in the International District, or, the Tet event at Seattle Center both happening on Saturday, the 21st.

FYI: the actual Lunar New Year date is Thursday and the new year is:


Or, The Year of the Sheep….there’s opinions about both claims.

Regardless, it’s a year involving cloven feet and the ability to make lovely clothing out of some kind of fleece.

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