It’s Here! Naked “Tea” with Les and Michael! Volume...

It’s Podcast Episode #3! Now with extra ham!

April 22, 2011 Comments Off on Weekly, woefully late, podcast! Views: 1141 Podcast

Weekly, woefully late, podcast!

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Yes, it’s been a busy, busy week over here at SGS World Headquarters, so this week’s dish is a smidge on the late side! But, in this episode, we discuss last weekend’s Darren Criss fan firestorm, then we go on a WILD tangent about the whole concept of gayborhood and “gay” bars, and whether or not they’re relevant anymore, Les has another moment of nerd where he extols the awesomeness of The Nerdist Podcast (seriously, only for nerds and nerdly people who like funny stuff, please…) and how the Nerdist host Chris Hardwick will be coming to the Showbox in June, which leads us to start planning your summer for you with all of the awesome shows you have to check out in the coming months! And, of course, we talk about everything happening this weekend!

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