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June 8, 2011 Comments Off on SIFF enters the home stretch with six films for the LGBTQ audience…none of them starring Elmo. Views: 1067 Arts & Entertainment, Film, Seattle International Film Festival

SIFF enters the home stretch with six films for the LGBTQ audience…none of them starring Elmo.

June 10, 9:30pm, Pacific Place
June 12, 3:30pm, Pacific Place
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Director Daniel Roby scheduled to attend. 

In terms of sheer debauchery, the late-1970s disco scene in Montreal was one of the world’s hottest. Set in this era of excess and political funkytownintrigue, Daniel Roby’s drama follows the lives of eight Québec residents who frequent the pulsating Starlight dance club for sex, drugs, and liberation, only to discover the darker side of hedonism. US Premiere (dir. Daniel Roby, Canada (Québec) 2011, 133 min)

June 10, 4:00pm, Pacific Place
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Director Sabine Bernardi scheduled to attend.
romeosLukas is a young, German, transgender man starting a new life in Cologne. While dealing with the many challenges — adjusting to the big city, rekindling an old friendship, and battling with the oppressive school administration — he meets flirtatious gay lothario, Fabio. As their attraction grows, Lukas must decide how to proceed with this intimate relationship knowing that sharing his gender identity could risk losing Fabio and more.  (dir. Sabine Bernardi, Germany 2011, 94 min)

June 10, 9:30pm, Harvard Exit
June 11, 1:30pm, Harvard Exit
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Director Marco Berger scheduled to attend 

A Hitchcockian thriller with a compelling twist, this tale of forbidden desire focuses on a teacher’s stifled lust and a manipulative teenage boy who unravels both their lives with a single act. The suspense is absentwell maintained and underpinned by a striking score, making Director Marco Berger a welcome addition to the growing ranks of notable Argentinean directing talent.  North American Premiere (dir. Marco Berger, Argentina 2011, 87 min)

June 11, 3:00pm, Egyptian Theatre
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Director Eldar Rapaport, Director of Photography James Adolphus and actor Murray Barlett scheduled to attend. 

The blossoming relationship of two men is tested when a seemingly innocent rendezvous with a former lover disruaugustpts their developing life together by reviving long buried desire and longing.  Eldar Rapaport’s lovingly shot film mixes Rashomon with a dash of Memento bring a unique flavor to the genre. World Premiere (dir. Eldar Rapaport, USA 2011, 100 min)

June 11, 6:30pm, Neptune Theatre
June 12, 11:00am, Neptune Theatre
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Director SJ Clarkson scheduled to attend. 

Based on the childhood memoir of Nigtoastel Slater, Britain’s celebrated chef and food writer, Toast charts the early relationships that shaped his life and career. With Freddie Highmore as Slater and Helena Bonham Carter as his deliciously wicked stepmother in this delectable biopic.  (dir. SJ Clarkson, United Kingdom 2011, 96 min)

A Few Days of Respite
June 11, 6:00pm, Kirkland Performance Center
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Mohsen, a French professor, and a few days of respitehis male lover Hassan, flee to France from Iran, where their relationship means death. Reaching their destination, they meet Yolanda (French star Marina Vlady) who offers Mohsen employment, kindness, and security, in a story of fear, love, and compassion.     (dir. Amor Hakkar, Algeria/France 2011, 80 min)

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