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June 2, 2011 Comments Off on SIFF ready to rumble for Week Three with a slew of LGBTQ films. Views: 1270 Arts & Entertainment, Film, Seattle International Film Festival

SIFF ready to rumble for Week Three with a slew of LGBTQ films.

SIFF celebrated its “Hump Day” on Tuesday, (we crossed the middle of the grid in the SIFF Guide) and Week Three begins today with a whole new slew of LGBTQ themed films and events. And, we’ll be announcing some ticket giveaways VERY soon, including a pair of tickets to the Stand By screening of Circumstance on Saturday, June 4. Advance tickets for this are GONE, so if you want to see it Saturday, our giveaway will be your only chance to avoid the Stand By line and praying you make it inside the Egyptian.

June 4, 6:30pm, Harvard Exit/Tickets on Standby; No Advance Tix Available
June 6, 4:15pm, Egyptian
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Director Maryam Keshavarz scheduled to attend screening on June 6.
This debut feature-winner of a Sundance Film Fcircumstanceestival Audience Award-is an exhilarating political drama and love story about a burgeoning romance between two young Iranian women and the fraught allegiances of a single Tehrani family.  (dir. Maryam Keshavarz, Iran/Lebanon 2011, 107 min)
Do You See Colors When You Close Your Eyes?
June 4, 11:00am, Harvard Exit
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Director Caleb Young and additional cast and crew scheduled to attend
When one twin dies in an accident, his brother and his lover are both so lost and lonely they’re fordo you see colorsced to seek solace in each other. Sage Price delivers a powerful dual performance in this romantic drama/road-trip hybrid. World Premiere (dir. Caleb Young, USA 2011, 82 min)
June 3, 7:00pm, Harvard Exit
June 5, 4:30pm, SIFF Cinema
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Director Andrew Haigh scheduled to attend on June 5
Feeling like his life needs a kick-start, the semi-closeted weekendRussell hooks up with the feisty Glen. After a night together, Glen asks him to tape his feelings about the encounter, and the two embark on an intense weekend that will continue to resonate through both their lives.  (dir. Andrew Haigh, United Kingdom 2011, 96 min)
June 8, 7:00pm, Harvard Exit
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romeosDirector Sabine Bernardi scheduled to attend
Lukas is a young, German, transgender man starting a new life in Cologne. While dealing with the many challenges — adjusting to the big city, rekindling an old friendship, and battling with the oppressive school administration — he meets flirtatious gay lothario, Fabio. As their attraction grows, Lukas must decide how to proceed with this intimate relationship knowing that sharing his gender identity could risk losing Fabio and more.  (dir. Sabine Bernardi, Germany 2011, 94 min)
June 3, 4:30pm, SIFF Cinema
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Director Steve Sanguedolce scheduled to attend
The title may be Blinding, but the movie is all about seeing. Over hand-processed 16mm images, we hear stories froblindingm a writer who went blind, a lesbian cop, and an Air Force pilot who witnessed genocide, as they talk about how their experiences changed how they see themselves and the world.  North American Premiere (dir. Steve Sanguedolce, Canada 2011, 72 min)
Gay La Event: August
June 9, 7:00pm, Egyptian
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Director Eldar Rapaport, Director of Photography James Adolphusand actor Murray Barlett scheduled to attend

The blossoming relationship of two men is tested when a seemingly innocent rendezvous with a former lover disruaugustpts their developing life together by reviving long buried desire and longing.  Eldar Rapaport’s lovingly shot film mixes RASHOMON with a dash of MEMENTO to bring a unique flavor to the genre. World Premiere (dir. Eldar Rapaport, USA 2011, 100 min)

Black Field
June 5, 9:15pm, Pacific Place
June 6, 4:30pm, Pacific Place
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This gorgeous, delicately crafted 17th century period piece chronicles a forbidden love story. A young novice nun becomblack fieldes fascinated by a mysterious wounded soldier after he collapses on the doorstep of her convent. When this pair of ill-fated lovers takes refuge in the forest, shocking surprises are revealed.   (dir. Vardis Marinakis, Greece 2010, 104 min)
A Few Days of Respite
June 4, 11:00am, Egyptian Theatre
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Mohsen, a French professor, and a few days of respitehis male lover Hassan, flee to France from Iran, where their relationship means death. Reaching their destination, they meet Yolanda (French star Marina Vlady) who offers Mohsen employment, kindness, and security, in a story of fear, love, and compassion.     (dir. Amor Hakkar, Algeria/France 2011, 80 min)
Who Took the Bomp? Le Tigre on Tour
June 4, 9:30pm, Neptune
June 7, 4:30pm, Egyptian
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Iconic feminist electronic group Le Tigre pawho tookcks a powerful punch full of synthpunk, choreographed dance moves, and feminist politics. This entertaining documentary follows the band’s electrifying performances and backstage antics on their international 2004-2005 farewell tour.   (dir. Kerthy Fix, USA 2011, 69 min)


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