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July 25, 2011 Comments Off on Really? Facebook has a problem with Kerry Darling’s Lycra covered booty… Views: 1078 Uncategorized

Really? Facebook has a problem with Kerry Darling’s Lycra covered booty…

So many disgusting things happened on that stage involving puppets, Furries and Fluids and someone freaks out about THIS? Photo: Dan Lane

The awesome Dan Lane took Some Lovely Photographs at our “Goodtime Summer Funtastic Variety Show” at Re-bar last Friday and posted them on Facebook to share with everyone. Well, someone got into a snit about one of the photos, featuring zexalicious bombshell Kerry Darling and his beigy nude Lycra shorts…Facebook banned the photo and removed it from Dan’s Facebook page despite the fact NO ONE in the photo is nude.

OK, I can understand Facebook banning actual nudity to keep the site family friendly, (though, I’m not sure how non-sexual bum shots are going to destroy the fabric of society…) but, there WASN’T ANY nudity in that shot! None! Skimpy, “flesh” tone garments (what EVER your “flesh” tone might be) that cover any offending actual skin are not the same as actual exposed skin despite how form fitting the garment might be.

It also begs the question, WHO flagged the photo and was it an actual uptight prudish person, or does Facebook now have a filter to search out and find anything “naughty” in photos?

Regardless, it’s ridiculous….though we’re guessing Kerry is thrilled his booty is controversial.

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