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SGS Podcast #14 – The Echo Chamber of Badly Kept Secrets

L.A. Kendall and David Richey make everything more fun...

It’s the first podcast from our fabulous new space on Cherry Street, and we’re thrilled to christen it with our buddies L.A. Kendall and David Richey from Qulture Qreative! As it always is with them, we talk a LOT of smack. This week, we cover The Real Housewives of Everywhere, the incomparable Miss J, Madonna’s Birthday, her pterodactyl arms and questionable plastic surgery.

Les & Michael chat about their road trip to West Seattle to Gay City’s EDEN party and the soft opening night of OutWest – West Seattle’s new and only gay bar.

David and Kendall reflect on the evolution of Tacoma, and we get into an awfully deep conversation about the state of art and culture in Seattle, Seattle’s “thrifty” reputation and the curse of Generation X.

The new issue of HARD TIMES comes out really, really soon and you know there’s gonna be a helluva party to go with it!!!



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