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Blogs We Love: Secret Shoppers front man Evan Rodd has a new “Diary”

Beauty takes werk! Photo: Evan Rodd

The ridiculously talented (and cute) front man of Seattle’s beloved pop/glitter/queer wave rock band “Secret Shoppers”, Evan Rodd, has started his very own blog, “Diary of an Amateur Pop Star”. It’s chock full of photos, video and a gossipy inside look at the making of a pop’s a sample featuring Evan writing about their recent show with Peaches at Neumos:

I left the show feeling accomplished and sweaty. We went to a secret after party at one of our favorite bars, and Peaches was there with a small group of our friends. It’s funny being in close quarters with someone who could be considered “famous” in some circles, even if it’s just a meet and greet. You realize that we really are all just people. People with amazing visions and admirable talent sometimes, but people nonetheless. Peaches seemed to keen to talk to everyone, and wasn’t the least bit fake about it. She was really genuine, and didn’t give of the kind of attitude someone who’d worked with Iggy Pop and Christina Aguliera probably could have gotten away with. She gave us all hugs, and congratulated all the bands on a job well done.
There’s a lot more I could say about that night, but I think I’ll leave it at that for now. Part of being a Pop Star is maintaining some sense of mystery or something, at least until I get out of a car with no underwear on. Thankfully, the show was pretty well documented.
Here’s a video made by Alex Berry of “Rock Star” with Peaches and Secret Shoppers.

You need to bookmark Evan’s new blog…it may become required reading.

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