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September 1, 2011 Comments Off on NX Decade’s “Mythos” was epic…we have the video proof. Views: 1313 Nightlife, We Love The Nightlife

NX Decade’s “Mythos” was epic…we have the video proof.

DJ John LePage whips the "Mythos" crowd into a frothy frenzy... Image: Alex Berry

We (meaning myself and Mom Finley…we were bar hopping following the Sisters around for Karmageddon) popped by Northern Exposure’s “Mythos” dance party at Neumos last Saturday to check out the “scene”. It was hot, sweaty, and  pulsating with the beats of DJ John LePage…my elderly heart couldn’t take it, so we slipped backstage/downstairs to hang in the Green Room with the men of Two Knight Events. Meanwhile, Alex Berry was upstairs in the thick of the action and put together this little video memoir of the masculine fun. Check it out!

If you look closely, there’s a shot in the video of a banner for the NEXT big Two Knights Event’s party, the monstrously huge wrap up to the Seven Deadly Sins series, “Wrath”. It’s going to be mega huge and it’s happening VERY soon; it’s only a couple of weeks away, Saturday, September 17, again at Neumos. You can get your tickets at Lobby Bar, Doghouse Leathers and without any fees, or at and Moe Bar, with fees.

But, don’t dawdle…it’s the End Times!

It's coming! Wrath! Image: Alex Berry


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