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Stuff To Do. Friday, 9/9/11: Lezbro/Hussler/Trouble Dicso

Kerry and James Darling are in port for Hussler at Pony tonight, Sept 9.

Not a lot of one off events tonight but plenty of monthly events turn up the heat.

Trouble Dicso at Fred Wildlife Refuge is new and improved, (some new sound-proofing installed to satisfy the idiots who bought condos in a commercially zoned, night life area) and has SunTzu Sound, (aka Jason Justice & Atlee Treasure), DJ Fucking In The Streets and a set by Trouble founder Dicso himself and video by Johnny Womack. AND, it’s a fundraiser for The It Gets Better Project.

Hussler at Pony features the antics of The Darling Boys, James & Kerry groovin’ on the bar and the sweet sounds of Lu Ying. There’s also the lure of Pony’s delightful outdoor patio…just don’t get too noisy or you’ll irritate the dumbass neighbors who bought condos on a busy commercial street…(are you sensing a theme here?)

Finally, there’s L.A. Kendall and Tony Burn’s monthly shenanigans fest known as Lezbro happening at The Wildrose. Ms Kendall has written up a splendid plug for it on her blog, “The Eyes of Laura Kendall”. Check out the whole post, and here’s a taste:

Last month was SO MUCH FUN! Everyone came out and gave it up for the material girl! This month, LEZBRO continues, Friday, September 9th at The Wildrose (1021 E. Pike St., Seattle). LEZBRO is the lovechild of DJ’s LA Kendall and Tony Burns. This night for fag hags (ladies that love themselves some gay boys), dyke tykes (guys that pal around with ladies who love ladies) & fruit-flies (straight people that like to hang with the queers) has become quite a happening and the antithesis of what you normally see at The Wildrose! COME AS YOU ARE! As always, the dance floor will be flooded with all kinds of party jams!

This months special guests include Lili Delight & EmpeROAR Fabulous! That Latina spitfire, Lili Delight will surely mesmerize with her sultry moves! The “Exposing Composer”, EmpeROAR Fabulous, promises a jaw dropping expose! Resident DJ’s L.A. Kendall, and Tony Burns will provide the partyrockin’ soundtrack!

The Wildrose also offers super economical (and by that, we mean CHEAP) cover charge – a mere $5, as well as some incredibly unbelievable drink specials (varies from night to night). This makes Lezbro hard to pass up! So come early for your pre-funk, stumble in late for your wrap-up, or stay all night and don’t miss a thing – but GET THERE! Lezbro….LET’S GO!

I don’t think anyone living in the rentals above the ‘rose complains about the noise…they’re probably all downstairs joining in on the fun…

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