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October 18, 2011 Comments Off on Drag-O-Licious Interview: Lily Armani’s “unTucked” says farewell, but Armani coined the phrase “untucked” before RuPaul Views: 1538 Arts & Entertainment, Drag, Drag O'Tainment, SGS Interviews

Drag-O-Licious Interview: Lily Armani’s “unTucked” says farewell, but Armani coined the phrase “untucked” before RuPaul

Lily Armani says aloha to "unTucked" this Friday night at Neighbours.

Escandalo, RuPaul! Before you know what to hit up this Friday night, you might want to consider catching Lily Armani’s “unTucked” FINALE at Neighbors Nightclub. But rest assured, this is not Armani’s departure from this fine nightclub, nor will it be the last appearance of Lily Armani. In an exclusive interview with this starry-eyed diva, we find out the low and the dirty about the inside drag queen drama, between Lily Armani and all those Drag Racer contestants that questioned the validity of her show.

“I am ending a show, but not my working relationship with Neighbours Nightclub” –Lily Armani

B.Michael Peterson: Through the Facebook interwebs, my sources tell me that you’re ending your show “unTucked” at Neighbors Nightclub. Are you going anywhere?

Lily Armani: This coming Friday will mark our second anniversary with the venue; the date will conclude our fifth and final season of ‘Lily Armani: unTucked’. At the end of our show I will be unveiling the show’s new title and print media. The new show will premiere the following Friday, October 28th at Neighbours Nightclub. Additionally, many think that our show is produced or owned by Neighbours Nightclub. This is false. I own the show, with complete and sole creative control. My producers and support crew are not employed by or governed by Neighbours Nightclub. And we continue…

BMP: How did the concept of the current running show come about?

LA: ‘Lily Armani: unTucked’ was originally meant as a parody on the wildly popular MTV series ‘Unplugged’. Since I am not a musician, unless you count playing the spoons and a moonshine jug, “unTucked” seemed most appropriate. It premiered to a sold out house at Rendezvous’ Jewel Box Theater in Oct. 2006. The show quickly built momentum, forcing the title to take on a variety of meanings, primarily being unscripted and uncensored. I hold a mic, tell jokes and stories from my life, pop culture, and clown on the people in our audience.

BMP: Many queens have challenged the validity of the show title that you’ve had for five seasons, yet RuPaul’s Drag Race is enterering their fourth season. Please explain.

LA: Once Rupaul’s after-show ‘Untucked’ took off, I was questioned by folks as to why our show was the same as hers?! As more and more of the girls from ‘Drag Race’ began to tour our Emerald City, they too asked why I ‘jacked’ the show’s title. And the truth is, I didn’t! Our show was titled and running before Ru was even back on television. And after about a half dozen or so times of getting the question, I began to fall out of [like] with our show’s name.

BMP: Why did you decide to change your branding for your show?

LA: I’m extremely confident in my talent for developing original material. I do not want the general public or our fans to think we were ‘stealing’ from Ru. And since the show title is nationally associated with her brand, and locally associated with mine, it was up to our camp to find a solution for my dislike. I sat down with my team, and started to discuss the idea of changing the name of the show. All agreed it was time to finish the chapter, and turn the page. So, that’s what we’re doing.

BMP: What do you want your fans and colleagues to leave your show with?

LA: Whether you’re a longtime companion, or first time guest, hopefully you’ll leave our show feeling great about your decision to play with us. You work hard for your money, so I’m gonna work hard for your money. You’ll continue to get the music, the costumes, the jokes, [and] the cocktails. And, if I’ve done my job well, you’ll leave with something to think about during the week, and return (perhaps with friends) wanting to hear more.

Whether or not you are in the hood or trapped in your own dramatic entourage, making your way down to Neighbors Nightclub this Friday night for the FINALE of Lily Armani’s “unTucked” will be well worth the money. Take yourself away from ‘Occupy Seattle’ for an evening to ‘Occupy unTucked”.

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