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Untucked with Brian: Interview with Drag Race Season Four Contestant, Alisa Summers

The first contestant to sashay-away was Tampa, Florida based Drag Queen, Alisa Summers, but that doesn’t mean Seattle Gay Scene would leave her unnoticed. This 23-year old diva can walk down the street and be mistaken for a woman. That’s what kind of queen Alisa is because that’s how she rolls. Summers is a performer at The Honey Pot and G-Bar in Gaybor and she has held the title of Miss Gay Days 2010, Miss Elite and Miss Gay Florida US of A Newcomer 2010 – just to name a few. She might not be in the running for America’s Next Drag Superstar, but if you’re in the Tampa Bay area, consider catching her at her clubs.

Photo courtesy of GoGayLA

B.Michael Peterson: Where did your drag name come from and how has it become a part of your career?

Alisa Summers: Growing up, I have a huge fan of TLC.  Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes was my favorite, so when it came time to select a drag name, my drag mother said, “Why not take Lisa and add the A to it?”  I liked the way Alisa sounded.  The rest is history!

B.Michael Peterson: Welcome to season four cast. How many times did you have to audition to get on this show?

Alisa Summers: I auditioned for season two, but the online voting/casting site confused me.  I also auditioned for season three, which I was selected as an alternate for.

B.Michael Peterson: What animal do you represent in the jungle?

Alisa Summers: I’m going to have to say a zebra.  Beautiful, majestic and just a wee bit crazy!

B.Michael Peterson: Excluding RuPaul and Lady Bunny, what previous drag race contestant do you aspire to, or look up to and why?

Alisa Summers: My answer will have to be Alexis Mateo.  She is my big sister and has been since before she was in her season.  She looks at drag the same way I do–it’s a business and you never stop learning how to perfect your craft.

B.Michael Peterson: Without revealing details about the show (of course), how would you describe this season in comparison to the previous seasons?

Alisa Summers: This season was definitely more challenging.  They made all of us do things that I could’t even imagine!

B.Michael Peterson: On many reality shows, people have said that they are not here to make friends. What’s your take on making friends on reality shows?

Alisa Summers: At the end of the day, we are thirteen boys in dresses (lol).  We all have a common ground and a lot of us became friends very quickly.  You can never have too many friends.

B.Michael Peterson: Are there any special groups that are formed this season with some of the girls?

Alisa Summers: As with any group of drag queens, there definitely were some cliques that formed, but we’ll see what all they let you guys see!

B.Michael Peterson: There are a handful of fabulous guest judges for this season. How well did you respond to the criticisms of Michelle Visage and Santino Rice?

Alisa Summers: It was surreal to be in front of people that you see judging others on your favorite TV show.  I enjoyed all critiques, because at the end of the day, how else would I improve?

B.Michael Peterson: What is your strength and what is your weakness as a drag queen and artist?

Alisa Summers: I’d say my strength IS my weakness.  I am too nice.  I strive to be an honest and caring person.  I will help anyone if they need it.  In that same respect, I tend to not play into drama.  So while there may be drama around me, I try to calm it down.

B.Michael Peterson: What three words would you say to Michele Bachmann if she were standing right in front of you?

Alisa Summers: You betta watch!

B.Michael Peterson: What person, dead or alive, would you love to spend an entire day with and why?

Alisa Summers: Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.  I’ve always wanted to meet my childhood idol!


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