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UNTUCKED WITH BRIAN: Season Four Lowers the Bar on the Art of Drag Except for One, Sharon Needles

Season Four has kicked off and can we already name the winner of the season and I’m not one to pay any attention to all the spoilers out there on the interwebs, but seriously, last night’s episode put some sour tastes in my mouth and of course I’ve got some words to say about these set of new queens.

“Busted” is the word that comes to my mind when I saw the runway looks. Four queens almost-nearly hit the spot, but it was a spot saved for sour skittles and not the sugar sweet skittles. Sharon Needles killed the runway and is the one queen in the entire series that has raised the bar on drag. I sure hope these queens are prepared to kick up their game because first impressions are everything and I’m not impressed at one bit! There are some contestants who have the “look at me, I’m pretty” attitude, while others have the “this is what I am bringing to the runway and I’m fierce without your confirmation” attitude. There is only a few of the latter, which puts a sour-sour taste in my mouth about season four. However, this is only the first episode and there are many more episodes to come and make my first impressions of sour-puss sally and turn that frown into a crown.

Sharon Needles killed the runway with her over the top zombie look and Seattle Gay Scene approves.

Read more about my favorite and not so favorite queens after the jump….

Sharon Needles. SHARON NEDDLES made me speechless and left me gasping for more, which does not happen on a regular basis or that often. This is what I like to see drag queens do – take their drag and step into a different dimension to shock and get the crowd thinking. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Here in Seattle, we love you Sharon Needles and if it was not for you – this start of season four would be such a dud and viewers would have dropped drastically. Come to Seattle and we’ll show you a good time. When Sharon stepped onto the runway, the crowd at Lobby Bar went crazy! Bonkers! Why? Seattle is home to the zombie walk and we all are holding you up on a high pedestal. Don’t fuck it up, hunty! Latrice Royale. She might not have won the challenge on the runway, but Latrice is a queen that I can go up to on the street on a good or bad day and she’ll cover you, take you in, and tell you everything will be fine. She reminds me so much of our very own, Mama Tits. A black version of Mama Tits and I freaking love it! Latrice revealed that she went to prison for 18 months and because of that experience makes getting on this season more personal. Jiggly Caliente and Phi Phi O’Hara. I’ve got four words for you, baby girl: shut up and grow up! To be the next drag superstar, you’ve got to be open minded and mentally available to intake different walks of life. So start acting like it!

Lip-syncing for their life was Jiggly Caliente and Alisa Summers, but unfortunately for Alisa Summers, her performance did not match what RuPaul is looking for this season and off to home she went – down the yellow brick road with her dog, wigs and accessories. Good bye, Alisa Summers. Sashay-away you go!!! I’d suggest to not rely on your breast plate and pretty show-girl looks. Think like a rockstar and theater artist fused together and you just might grow to a whole twelve inches! Live by my motto and go through your life partying like a rockstar and the best will surface, not only impressing the people around you – but garnish the respect that you’re craving.

Next week’s episode is ALL about wrestling, which is exactly what these queens need…Tune in next week for another issue of “UNTUCKED WITH BRIAN”…

Alisa Summers is the first to exit stage left. We are interviewing this queen and will soon have an exit interview for your delightful eyes.

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