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April 11, 2012 Comments Off on Comedy icons comin’ to town: Lisa Lampanelli, Chris Hardwick and Jon “Archer” Benjamin Views: 3675 Comedy

Comedy icons comin’ to town: Lisa Lampanelli, Chris Hardwick and Jon “Archer” Benjamin

We ADORE Archer and we ADORE Jon Benjamin!!!

That header was originally “NERD icons comin’ to town” but then I added Lisa Lampanelli to it and she’s not really a nerd icon…is she? Or, I could have done “Comedy Nerd Icons” since fans of cutting edge comedy are gonna nerd out at the news of TWO separate comedy shows coming to Seattle starring some big name comedy talent.

The bigger event is happening at The Paramount on June 1, 2012. “KISW’s BJ Shea Comedy Riot” is a full night of stand up comedy featuring gay favorite’s Lisa Lampanelli and Chris Hardwick with a Special Guest Star TBA. Tickets are $45 and $75 and go on sale this coming Friday, April 13 at 10am at  or by phone at 877.STG 4TIX,  AND, you can save money on service fees when you buy tickets at the Paramount Theatre Box Office and their 24-hour kiosks.

We adore ridiculously cute, smart, gay friendly but straight nerd boys; it's the "Nerdist" himself, CHRIS HARDWICK!

Ms Lampanelli won numerous fans with her comedy specials, “Take It Like A Man” and “Dirty Girl” and earned the moniker “The Queen of Mean” for her astringent, insult based material. As for the adorable as hell Chris Hardwick, he’s risen through the ranks via his insanely successful “Nerdist” podcast, the number one podcast in the country, which very humorously focuses on all things Fan Boy/Fan Girl with very special guests from the world of sci fi/fantasy/horror films, tv shows, books and comic books. Mr. Hardwick is also cute as pie and sweeter than hell and we’ve already interviewed him once for the website…check it out here, to see Les and Kathy B. swoon all over him in our video interview.

If that wasn’t enough swoon worthy comedy, then prepare for the arrival of comedian/voice actor  Jon Benjamin. Hardly a household name, Mr. Benjamin does have a very loyal fan base based on his voice work in tv animation, most notably for his leading roles as Bob in Fox’s “Bob’s Burgers” and more importantly, for his work as the snarky but ridiculously hot spy, Sterling Archer in FX’s series of the same name.  The whisky voiced comedian has also appeared on camera in his Comedy Central series, “Jon Benjamin Has A Van”. Mr. Benjamin will be bopping into Seattle on April 28th for a live show at Barboza, the new venue located in the basement of Neumo’s, 925 E. Pike Street on Capitol Hill. Tickets are on sale NOW!

The man cub behind the animation: H. Jon Benjamin, coming to Barboza this month.

We have to admit we have a big crush on Jon Benjamin. One, his voice is sexy as hell. Two, his character “Sterling Archer” is a huge jerk, but also sexy as hell, and frequently undressed; yes, we know it’s odd to have the hots for an animated character. (We don’t have a problem with it, though…) Three, Mr. Benjamin himself is adorable; a stocky little cub man with dazzling eyes…and the aforementioned whiskey soaked voice. He’s a triple threat…as a talent and a GOD OF LOVE!

Front row seats, please!

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