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The Movie Star Character Plotline AKA TIRED!

April 11, 2012 Comments Off on Just Good Enough To Keep Me Watching… Views: 1076 TV Land

Just Good Enough To Keep Me Watching…

Oh, Smash you haven’t really pulled me back in but this week’s episode was just enough of an improvement that I will be tuning in next week.

So this week we didn’t really get much in the way of plot twists and turns or dramatic revelation but we did get some movement on the process of putting on Bombshell, much improved musical numbers, a movie star, and more relationship drama (which is nearly as dramatic as putting on a musical).

In a nutshell Eileen gets her funding from some drunken rock start that may or may not have been dealing drugs with Eileen’s cutie pie bartender crush.  Dev doesn’t get the job is keeping the info from Karen gets into a fight with Derek and is pretty much an asshole.  Shirt or no I now hate Dev.  Ivy has been blacklisted for the mess she made of Heaven and Earth (yay for consequences!) and is trying to weasel her way back into Bombshell by playing nice (I am sure that won’t last) she is also stalking Karen.  Karen is standing in for the movie star who is stuck in Cuba (Really?  Cuba?  Come on producers no one adopts kids from Cuba, dumb, dumb, DUMB!) trying to adopt a kid, she is also going to be the movie star’s understudy.  Julia’s marriage continues to fall apart.  Tom’s BF leaves him because he believes Tom is in love with the butch chorus boy, whose name I don’t care to remember.  Tom and Julia have an awkward 10 year anniversary of becoming writing partners and Karen and Dev get into a huge fit over the fight he had with Derek.  The movie start finally arrives, her name is Rebecca Duvall, and she is played by Uma Thurman (who is stunning!).

Next week’s episode looks promising and since I am trying to be a glass half-full kind of guy so I will tune in with low expectations that hopefully will be exceeded!

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