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May 30, 2012 Comments Off on Andrew Rannels: GAY! Another Celeb Casually Opens The Closet Door. Views: 1227 Celebrityville

Andrew Rannels: GAY! Another Celeb Casually Opens The Closet Door.

The real-life gay is on the left..."The Book of Mormon" star Andrew Rannels, with Justin Bartha .

Yesterday on HuffPo Michelangelo Signorile posted an interesting piece on the causal nature of the most recent celebrities to come out: Matt Bomer, Anne Burrell, Jim Parsons.  The new coming out is claiming that they were never in, the closet that is.  You can read the full article here.

On the heels of Signorile’s article Book of Mormon star Andrew Rannells sat down with Vulture and one of the topics of dicussion was his sexuality, specifically how it relates to his character, Elijah, on HBO’s Girls:

I am gay in real life, so I definitely get it. But it’s not my story — I wasn’t closeted for any amount of time. I never had a girlfriend who I had that experience with. It’s less that Elijah knew he was gay and continued to date Hannah anyway and more that he wasn’t ready to admit to himself that he was gay. I think that’s probably the more common thing, particularly with young homosexuals. Coming out can be super super complicated, especially when it comes to families and friends —and if you already have a girlfriend, what does that mean for her? I hope that changes over time, but coming is very personal and everybody obviously has to do it in their own time. So, no, I don’t think he did anything bad.

Even though Rannells claims he was never in the closet this is the first time I can remember him publically discussing his sexuality which is the bar by which we measure if a celebrity is out or not.

Anyway, kudos to you Mr. Rannels and good luck with your new show, The New Normal, premiering on NBC this fall (let’s hope it doesn’t suck, like Smash).

Thanks to Towleroad for the heads up.


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