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Time For A Kiki As Scissor Sisters Hit The Paramount…And, The Social?

Some Twink and the future "Mr. Baby Daddy Strangeways" on the cover of Gay Times.

Frankly, I love the Scissor Sisters but I’m a wee bit sick of writing about their gig which is FINALLY happening TONIGHT, Tuesday, June 19 at The Paramount with opening act Rye Rye. And, believe it or not, there are STILL tickets available for the show…apparently the Sisters really aren’t as loved as they used to be. Kids are so fickle nowadays…or, maybe it’s ’cause the last two albums were a bit…meh.


I’ll be run out of the “Scissor Sister Appreciation Society”!

I still adore them…and want to be Mrs. Babydaddy someday…for at least a night.

If you’re not up to actually SEEING the Sisters live on stage you can check out the alleged “Offical” Afterparty at The Social…it’s a joint event with the Comeback kids featuring DJ Colby B and Sammy Jo, the official Scissor Sisters tour DJ. Whether or not any members of the band will turn up, remains to be seen…we know they like to party after their shows, or at least Jake does…I think Jake and Del Marquis might have both turned up at the Can Can after their show last year at the dreadful Showbox SoDo (it’s a judgement based on the awful acoustics and shitty sight lines…) Maybe some lucky fellow will get to be Mrs. Jake Shears for a night! Maybe Alex Garcia will buy you a shot! (Does he still do that since he now OWNS a bar?)

The Social fun starts at 10pm and it’s only $5 which is wee bit cheaper than the actual live show, but the Paramount DOES have a (marginally) better sound system than The Social, and a FAR superior lighting grid, so you get what you pay for.

Which is this case, might be a slim chance to see Scissor Sisters roadies enjoy cocktails on East Olive Way.

But, you NEVAH know!

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