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The Poster Is Awesome…Check Out “2nd Hand” at The Wildrose

OK, they did buy an ad, (bless their little hearts!) but we’d still mention DJ Pavone and DJ Mother Church’s new monthly night at The Wildrose…just based on the art work! Who doesn’t love an image of a pregnant woman smoking a ciggie?!?!? Adorbs! Reminds us of the good ole days when our Mom’s smoked all the way up until they were wheeled into the maternity room! (Didn’t hurt us any!)

But, what the hell is “2nd Hand” all about? Why would I go to The ‘rose on a Wednesday night? WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?!?!?

Playing all the hits of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Come sing out loud, brush up on your “Cabbage Patch” and “Running Man”. You can even do the “Carlton”. But whatever you do, don’t miss out on the party of July.

Oh. It’s cool old dance music from yesteryear.

We approve.

Well, maybe not of the pregnant lady smoking…times have changed and no one wants to deliver a shriveled up baby that looks like a cigarette butt…or, do they?

The madness starts at 8pm…be 21+ and able to prove it.

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