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Public Service Announcement: Drugs and Saunas Are Bad…Also, Watch Your Drinks!

Saunas and steam rooms are awesome…except if you combine them with booze and drugs…

It’s so convenient when two separate stories collide so you can do one post about it and get it over and done with…AND, you can provide useful information at the same time.

First up: Capitol Hill Seattle reports that yet ANOTHER person has dropped dead at the Seattle gay men’s bathhouse, Club Z and once again, it looks like it’s a case of people getting carried away with recreational drugs then being dumb enough to go in the steam room. (Here’s our post on the last such incident…) This time, the victim is allegedly a 47 year old man who was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. This is the third such incident at Club Z within the last year or so.  And, while we offer our condolences to the friends and family of the poor man who died, we also need to point out that this nonsense is getting out of hand. So, I guess we need to wave our Mom finger and get up on our soap box…

HEY! Guys who go to sex clubs, especially dudes over 40, and party down with recreational drugs! You need to wise up and lay off doing so much meth or blow or whatever the fuck you’re doing AND also make sure you DON’T hang out in a steam room if you do… Drugs, generally speaking, tend to dehydrate you and steam rooms do the same…They are a SHITTY combo, especially if you’re not young and not in great shape to start with.  Wise up, and stop dying and embarrassing the fuck out of your survivors that have to not only mourn your loss, but deal with the fact you dropped dead in a gay bath house at 2 o’clock in the morning. 

Don’t leave these beauties unattended so some creep can drug them!!!!

Secondly, we’ve heard a rumor that there MIGHT be some assholes messing around with people’s unattended drinks at area bars/clubs. A friend of ours is very suspicious after downing a drink last week at a Capitol Hill club and getting more bizarrely fucked up than usual with symptoms not common with your average drunken state. He didn’t call the cops or go to the doctor but it does serve as a warning to y’all to make sure you keep an eye on your drinks when you’re out an about enjoying nightlife. We’re not gonna name the club since our friend didn’t get confirmation and rumors like that can kill a club’s business, but we want you to be AWARE of the possibility. Capitol Hill had a scare about this a few years back, and we don’t want it to return and not have people aware of it.

And, this lesson is: KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR DRINK AT ALL TIMES! If you go out to smoke/cruise the sidewalk/get fresh air/etc, either finish your drink, or leave it with trusted friends so they can keep an eye on it for you! It’s better to be safe, than SORRY!!!

We’re done preachin’ for now…

Return to your lives.

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