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October 22, 2012 Comments Off on Monday: Debates/Drag Race/Dirty Deeds Views: 1209 Stuff to Do

Monday: Debates/Drag Race/Dirty Deeds

Fall is definitely here in all its chilly/rainy glory. Embrace its loveliness or escape to a local brew house and do something productive…like watch TV.

Tonight’s options include the final Presidential Debate between President Obama and Republican candidate Mittens Rmoney. You can watch it at numerous venues all over the city but Lobby Bar, The Grill on Broadway and our friends at The Globalist website were all smart enough to post Facebook invites to their viewing events, so we encourage you to check them out. The debate-y fun starts at 6pm our time. And, The Globalist is hosting at Liberty Bar on 15th. Check them out.

THEN, you can hang around and watch the premiere of “RuPaul’s Drag Race: All-Stars” which airs tonight on Logo. Lobby Bar is the official Logo viewing location with hosts Glamazonia and Lily Armani…their party starts at 8pm. We already watched it on Facebook…well, everything but the last couple of minutes and there’s a recap in the works. All we’ll say is, Pandora Boxx was kind of a big baby in this episode…pouting does not become you, dear…

(It also bears mentioning that numerous other venues will be showing “RPDR:AS” as well…including The Grill and R Place.)

Finally, if you’re not the TV type, head to Pony for their “Dirty Hollow Deeds Party”. It’s the kick-off for Halloween Week so it’s an opportunity to try out your award winning costumes…Here’s some info from the Facebook invite:

It’s rocktober AND halloween which means it’s time for our 3rd annual dirty hollow deeds!!

channel your inner rocker, alter egos and freakiness.. yes, get the fuck dressed for this party!!

dj’s jodas priest and one-900 will be playing your favorite punk, riot, hardcore trax so come get down, dance, fist pump, kick, lick and stomp it out!!

costume contest at midnight!! it’s winner takes all this year, so come prepared to strut yo shit and don’t come in second.

michael is whippin up a special drink (be afraid), the lasers lights will be strobing and the fog billowing.

see YOU there!! 9p and FREEEEEEEE!!

punx hunx drunx
m/ second mondays m/

Options…so lovely.

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