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July 20, 2013 Comments (2) Views: 2233 News

Breaking: Scott Smith Pulls Out Of Q

Former partner at Q Night Club, Scott Smith. Photo: Tim Harmon/The Hill Has Eyes

Former partner at Q Night Club, Scott Smith. Photo: Tim Harmon/The Hill Has Eyes

The gruff but lovable gay face of Capitol Hill’s popular EDM dance club Q, Scott Smith, announced today on his Facebook page that he has sold his stake in the business, effective noon today, Saturday, July 20, 2013. From Mr. Smith’s Facebook page:


I closed on the sale my half of Q at noon today and I’m now back to being blissfully semi-retired again, as I was more than three years ago when I began the process of developing the club.

Coming up with the idea for Q – as I did with xl in New York back in 1998/99 and as the only partner in Q with experience in business, business start-ups, and nightclub operations – and then supervising the design and construction of Q was a labor of love for me. And I’d be happy to share with you all that’s transpired that has compelled me to desire to sell my interest in the business and part ways with the club – but I’m contractually obligated not to.

I wish for Q, the physical club, all the best.

I’ll be back later with a full roster of thank yous to the people involved with Q who deserve praise for what they do and did for the club and why they made my time as co-owner of the club something really special.


Q’s debut last September was eagerly appreciated by both gay and straight fans of electronic dance music and the club has largely been well received by that community. But, there has also been a turnover in some staff positions at the venue, (a not uncommon occurrence in a new business) as well as some complaints that the programming at the club seems unfocused and directionless. Rumors spread of friction between the two principal partners, Smith and Andy Rampl with speculation that each partner had a different vision for both the programming and the clientele of Q. Over the course of the last year, Q has veered from themes and nights obviously programmed for the LGBTQ community, when the club first opened, to a current line-up of events that seem to steer away from any queer content. Q pulled out as the host venue for Gender Blender during Gay Pride; the event successfully moved to Q competitor Neighbours, and the club seemed to avoid booking any guest or party that was seen as gay or pride specific. Former Q employee Kevin Kauer, aka DJ Nark; Sinfinite Productions’ Jimmy Scarpello and Arden Turnbull; and Trouble Disco’s Terry Miller all originally produced gay themed events for the club but all have since parted ways with Q management.

As of this writing, there has been no official comment or press release from Q on the change in ownership.

Mr. Smith was contacted for comment and he replied: “I can’t discuss details due to a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). When asked how he was doing personally, he responded: “I’m very happy”

More as it develops.

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