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Girl Stroke Boy: As weird as it sounds, but not as hot as it sounds.

Girl Stroke Boy

Director: Bob Kellett
Year: 1971
Rating: 4 out of 5 for historical weirdness

This movie is basically “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” but with a Trans* POC from the West Indies, taking place in the English countryside at a super cunty white family’s  house. The thermostat  in the house is broken and the plants are growing GIANT. They use simple camera tricks to make plants double in size through out the film. An hour into the film, the plants have over taken the house.

The cunty white people’s son comes home from a psychiatric hospital stay. He brings his new girlfriend home. They are total U-haul lesbians. They have only known each other for three weeks and they are extremely committed”.

The mom acts like a total cunt the whole time. The dad has no spine.

Mom: ”In my day the excitement was in guessing which men would ask you to dance, not which ones were men.”

Dad: “I’m a liberal coward and I do believe that everyone has a right to live their life how they like.”

There is an extended skiing and snowball fight montage. If you’re into snow play, that is, turned on by giant furry jackets, holding hands slipping and sliding in a horrific pile of snow, this ones for you.

Dad: “Young people will go on experimenting whether my eyebrows go up or down.”

This movie is amazing. This family is laying it all out on the table. There’s something to be said for laying it out in the 1970’s. It’s refreshing.

Son: “I don’t know when I’m going to settle down. When you die and give me some money!”

Whoa, this shit just got so weird. Whoa. Twist ending. They young lovers tell their parents they got married. Then the mom falls into a delusion and everyone is overjoyed. What the fuck.

Reviewed by Clyde Petersen.



Clyde Petersen is currently watching and reviewing every GLBT film from Scarecrow Video, starting with the VHS collection. In his spare time, Clyde likes to MAKE movies including the popular “Boating With Clyde” series and the upcoming animated, feature length “Torrey Pines” which should hit cinema screens in 2015.



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