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ATTENTION LESBIANS: Cameron Esposito Hits The Neptune 10/17/15!

Folks, Cameron Esposito is THE SHIT. 

October 17—this coming Saturday—happens to be her birthday. And let me tell you, she’s definitely *that* Libra who does ALL THE THINGS. 

In addition to her ongoing stand-up career, she’s been on podcasts like The AV Club and WTF with Marc Maron. Plus (according to the Facebook event page) “Nerdist, Comedy Bang Bang, Doug Loves Movies, and You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes…Cameron is also the creator/host of Put Your Hands Together, a weekly stand-up podcast recorded live at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.” Oh, yeah, and some recently, awesomely popular Buzzfeed videos in which (mostly) non-lesbians get to ask her a bunch of questions about—you guessed it—being a lesbian (see above). Basically, she’s been all over the tube and the interwebs for some time now, so if you haven’t heard of her yet, you’ve truly been living off the grid. Her latest album, “Same Sex Symbol,” is hilarious. She’s got the best period joke ever, and still finds time to be inspirational as she imparts wisdom.

I had the opportunity to send her some questions. Squee!

Korra Q: Thank you for the Buzzfeed videos. Did any of the questions/answers make it to your stage material?

Cameron Esposito: Nope, but some of my jokes made it into the videos.

KQ: Tell me about your upcoming book. Memoir, or funny stuff? A little of both?

CE: Funny memoir! BOTH.

KQ: What are you nerdy about? What do you geek out on?

CE: Action & sci-fi movies. I love Alien and live my life by the rules of The Terminator.

KQ: Congrats on the wedding! Did you ever think you would be able to marry the person you love in your lifetime?

CE: Nope. Could not have imagined it even ten years ago.

Photo: The Nerdist

Cameron Esposito & Rhea Butcher. Photo: The Nerdist

KQ: Will you and Rhea be the next great comedic duo? What are your ambitions post-wedding?

CE: Of course! We already are. Who can stop us?! As for content, we’ve got a web series and a TV show in the works but shhhhhhh…they’re top secret right now!

KQ: If you’d written The L Word, what would you have changed?

CE: I would have played the part of Shane.

KQ: What’s your take on the media/interwebs creating more closeness and transparency between performers and audiences since the turn of this century? How has that shaped your work?

CE: The Internet has affected things enormously, not just the closeness fans/audience members feel, but also the direct route comics have to fans. The ability to put something—a podcast/tweet/video—out without having to go through a studio or network is very freeing. There’s a downside—the pressure to constantly output content—but the positives outweigh the negatives.

KQ: Favorite lesbian bar? (Cuz there are only like 10 in this country.)

CE: I don’t really go to bars much and I’m not sure I’ve ever been to an actual lesbian bar (gasp!) so maybe Luna Bars? The snackfood? Those are pretty good.

KQ: What issues might you tackle in upcoming shows?

CE: Well, I’m getting married in December and I’ll definitely talk about that. Also: this Seattle show is on MY BIRTHDAY so if you attend, you’re technically gonna be at my birthday party. I’m sure I’ll talk about that too.

KQ: Do you have any advice for young women still struggling with their sexualities or coming out?

CE: Yes. There is nothing wrong with you. You don’t need to change or worry about the negative opinion of any organization, faith, friend, or family member about your sexuality. You only get one life—live it honestly, openly, and lovingly and put yourself first. And my pal Dan Savage is right: it does get better. It did for me.

KQ: Have you ever seen audience members sport a side mullet?

CE: Asymmetrical haircuts? Yes. But this exact beauty that I sport? No. I’m rocking a one of a kind ‘do thanks to my hairstylist, Pony.

KQ: As the Secretary of State for All Lesbians, do you think Ellen Page will soon replace Ellen Degeneres as President?

CE: It might be more of an Active President/President Emeritus situation.

KQ: Working with The AV Club, have you geeked out with Janet Varney on The Legend of Korra and how huge it was for representation?

CE: Ugh I’m behind on Legend of Korra; I’ve only seen a small [portion] and didn’t even know about the show until Janet mentioned it to me which is VERY ATYPICAL for me since I usually know EVERYTHING ABOUT WOMEN DATING WOMEN ON TV. But Janet’s the best and I hope to see more of it soon!


Thank you, Cameron. Best of luck on your birthday, tour, projects, marriage, etc.! (Here’s hoping that you make it to The WildRose for a quick drink before you leave town.)

Tickets to Esposito’s 9pm show on Saturday are at an extremely fair price, so bring a date or friend for the funniest night ever. She’ll be performing with her fiancee, Rhea Butcher. And together…they will take over the world. Ladies, we have our new First Family of the Lesbian Nation (once Ellen and Portia step down).

Also, you’d better believe I ordered this calendar, and you should too:

Photo via Cameron Esposito

Photo via Cameron Esposito

You’re welcome.

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