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Interview: Craig Gets His Astrological Chart Read (For Filth!) by Astrodore


Sometimes, Facebook event invites are very intriguing and need further investigation…

What’s your sign? It’s a cliché pick up line, but what does it mean? It’s the sign the Sun was in at the moment of your birth. It gives you the quality of your solar identity. Most people have learned a few things about their Sun, but there is MUCH more.

Finding a good love match starts with knowing yourself. In this fun and interactive workshop you’ll learn how to identity your perfect relationship match by discovering the meaning behind your rising sign and personal planets. We’ll spend the first part the workshop learning how your rising sign, the Moon and Venus shape your love personality. In the second half you’ll learn tips on putting the puzzle of your perfect match together. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll discover how to deepen your love by understanding yourself and your partner more intimately.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

* Your Sun Sign potential
* Understanding the Elements, Fire, Air, Earth, and Water
* Your Rising Sign and it’s meaning
* The Moon: Understanding your security and emotional needs
* Venus: The style of your love language
* Mars: What happens when the lights go low
* Putting their picture together

Wine and cheeses are included in the evening and Giulio will give as many mini readings as time permits.

IMPORTANT!! Please bring your birth time and birth city information and the birth time of any partner(s).

This invite lured us into having a chat with Astrologer Giulio Rocco of  Astrodore Astrology about his upcoming LGBTQ Astrology Workshop, “Love Rising”


Craig: Ciao, Giulio! Congrats on your very first astrology workshop and mixer.  How did this event come about?  And, of course, what’s your sign?

Giulio: Ciao, Bello! Thanks! I’m excited about it. Astrology is an incredible tool for self-discovery and empowerment. The symbolism in astrology works at a deep subconscious archetypal level so that you can very rapidly and vividly discover aspects about yourself that might be hidden from your view. Understanding your fundamental needs and desires helps create the space to invite others into your life for rewarding relationships. I think this space of self-discovery is really fun and I wanted to share it, so a workshop/mixer was born. I’m a Sagittarius Rising with 5 planets in Libra, so I’m always trying to figure out how we can do everything and have champagne with it.

Craig: What got you into astrology in the first place?  Have friends been supportive?

Giulio: When I was a boy I was insatiably curious about the universe – about astronomy, lasers, quasars, earth gems, time-travel. I thought I wanted to be a scientist. I was also very sensitive and artistic, but I didn’t know it for a very long time. I continued to have a deep curiosity about the fundamental nature of the universe. Every time I went through dark periods in my life astrology seemed to provide some answers. About two years ago my ability to comprehend astrological symbolism and my commitment to learning began to increase dramatically, so I went with it. I discovered a rich historical and academic side of astrology that has been largely ignored by the dominant culture. I also found a loving and stimulating community of friends in the astrological community. My long-time friends have been amazingly supportive.


Craig: Do people think you can tell the future?  Do you get a lot of lottery number jokes? Wait, are you psychic?!?

Giulio: I can’t tell the future but I’m able to describe trends and possibilities, particularly at the level of relationship and personal development. I’ve been studying an ancient technique called horary astrology that is a form of divination. So I’m not psychic – but actually my boyfriend is! He’s an intuitive psychic healer and medium.

Craig: The workshop will talk about “love language” and “what happens when the lights go low”…hey, is this going to get all sexy like?

Giulio: There is definitely a sexy quality when you’re taking about planets like Venus and Mars. Venus is how you attract a partner; it describes your view on beauty and what you value. Venus is alluring. Mars is how you take action, do you wait and assess the situation (Scorpio) or do you jump into action (Aries). Mars is animal instinct. How these factors blend together describe your love life.

Craig: Your business name is Astrodore Astrology, and so I’m wondering: any Astroglide stories you’d like to share?

Giulio: LOL. Astrodore means love for astrology. And it reminded me of Albus Dumbledore. There is not a little magic and mystery when it comes to the stars.

Craig: Will you be wearing that human disco ball outfit you wore that one time?  I was able to check my hair in that!  What is the story with that and did anyone try to snort anything off of you?

Giulio: An astrologer friend pointed out that I covered myself in disco mirrors – I was literally a walking reflection for other people, which is a very Neptunian thing to do. Neptune is glamorous but deceptive. It was also a dangerous costume because it was sharp and the disco glass would cut me and others as they passed by – I bled for my art!

Craig: You love the Pet Shop Boys the way I love Tori Amos, where people probably worry about us.  But if you could only pick three PSB songs to listen to on repeat for eternity, which three would they be?  And which three Tori songs?

Giulio: I used to have a theory that if a boy liked Tori Amos we couldn’t be friends…thanks for changing that! Lolol I really like the song Winter but that’s literally the only Tori song I know. I do a funny impression of her singing it. The planet Neptune is near my rising sign which creates an ethereal and permeable quality to my personality – sort of a shifting, which I think account for the celebrity impressions I do. Favorite Pet Shop Boys songs are an impossible task, but here goes: Domino Dancing, Left to My Own Devices and It’s Alright. I love the happy / sad quality of their music.

Craig: OK, so about a year ago, you did my chart.  Time for an update! Now, at the time, I’d been single for 19 years.  Now it’s 20!  Do the stars have any hope whatsoever for me?

Giulio: This year your best chance for finding romance is by doing the things you love to do, investing in yourself and being active, open and curious. I see a lot of fun and adventure in your chart for this year. You could meet someone from abroad that you share a passion with or meet doing something fun in the community (theater??). It could be quite shocking who you meet – someone you might never have considered before. This person could shake up your point of view or challenge you to believe in yourself.  You are due to be challenged this year in the realm of relationships. Saturn is in your house of others, which means opportunities to learn and grow through relationships.

Craig: I always thought the Universe was going to reward me for my abstinence with fame!  What’s taking it so long?

Giulio: Your Venus is in Sagittarius, which is a sign that is notorious for taking a very long time to get serious and settle down. Then your Mars is in Gemini, which tends to be quite fickle when it comes to making choices. Mars in Gemini likes to flit from one thing to the next and gets bored easily. Both these planets together mean you need variety in a relationship. I don’t think you can stand to be bored, so your man needs to be fascinating. An Aquarius with his Moon in Scorpio would be good for you, or possibly Moon in Aries for excitement.

Craig:  Should I get a cat?  Or start with a houseplant?  Am I even lonely?

Giulio: YES! With your Sun and Mercury together in the 6th House of pets a cat would be good for you.

Craig: Will I ever make money from acting instead of it being just an expensive hobby?

Giulio: It is possible for you to make money from acting, but it will really take some bold moves to do it. This is a year where courageous moves could really pay off. I feel like change in location might open the doors for you. Have you thought about moving to New York or Los Angeles to pursue acting?

Craig: You’ve spent more time around my drag alter ego, Anna T Rexia (also an Italian name!).  Would she and I share the same chart or would the stars just ignore her like most of Seattle does?

Giulio: If you knew her exact birth time I think that would be a VERY interesting chart to check out. I think it would be that magic moment when you first put on her wig.

Craig: What’s my “Solar Identity”? Is it a natural blonde?  And maybe a cis female?

Giulio: Your Rising Sign is Leo, which is very common among actors. Leo is a fixed fire sign, which gives you the spark of inspiration, leadership abilities and flair for the dramatic.

Craig: Have you been watching RuPaul this season?  If so, give a quick “reading” to some of those queens!

Giulio: Sadly, I haven’t had the time to watch.

Craig: And finally: if you had to have your own chart read by these celebrities, how well do you think they’d do: The Long Island Medium, Sylvester Stallone’s mom, Megan Fox and James Franco, go!

Giulio:  The Long Island Medium…She’s not an astrologer I don’t know what she is.

Sylvester Stallone’s mom…She is an astrologer so I guess she would do alright.

Megan Fox…She’s pretty.

James Franco…He’d be stoned so maybe he would channel something.

Love Rising LGBTQ+ Astrology Workshop
By Astrologer Giulio Rocco | Astrodore Astrology.




Craig Trolli is an Aquarius with a bad moon rising!  He likes to think he’s an ass-trologer!  His acting resume is stellar! He’s here all week!  But seriously, it seems fitting to mention a favorite Tori Amos lyric: there are too many stars / and not enough sky.  






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