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Best Tacos in Seattle?

Delicious tacos at Señor Moose Cafe in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood

Delicious tacos at Señor Moose Cafe in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood

Hmmmmm…..I dunno. Chona Kasinger over at Thrillist insists these are the best tacos in Seattle (she slipped in a White Center location as well). Here’s the list and you can read her full reviews over at Thrillist:

THREE in Ballard?!? Really?? Blandinavian ole Ballard?

I keed, I keed…and, I j’adore Señor Moose Cafe; it’s one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle…which is why it’s always so damn busy and they always run out of my beloved Higaditos de Pollo. Aka: Livers of the Chicken


(I’m not kidding…so damn good.)

I know Tacos Chukis  is insanely beloved; I’ll be frank…I think they are good but I don’t plan on marrying their tacos.

For now.

A tad disappointed Fogón Cocina Mexicana didn’t make the list but I know much of my Fogón love is based on the fabulous Happy Hour deals, the sangria and the super sweet/sexy gay and gay friendly staff. But, I really do think they have good food.

What do y’all think? Did your taco place make the list? What’s missing?


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