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January 9, 2019 Comments (1) Views: 822 *Resist. Protest. Obstruct. Inform., Controversy, Gay News, News, Queer News, Washington State News

Area Man Subjected To Homophobic Tirade In Lynnwood, WA Salon By “Mango Meghan”

Local Bigot's phobic tirade in Lynnwood Washington salon caught on video.

Local Bigot’s phobic tirade in Lynnwood Washington salon caught on video.

Oh, HELL no.

Seattle metro resident Christopher Brown had a VERY unfortunate encounter with a homophobic women in a Lynnwood, Washington foot spa a couple weeks ago.

I’m gonna let Christopher tell his story in his own words as he relayed it on Facebook:

Christopher Brown

I’ve been holding back sharing this, but what kind of social justice warrior would I be staying quiet?

This situation occurred at my favorite foot spa in Lynnwood, Washington. After this lady storms in the place to talk down to the receptionist, she proceeds to pick out her color at the color palettes wall. After berating another staff member for the selection not being what she wanted, she selects the chair next to me for her pedicure experience.

Lucky me.

She then proceeds to engage in a FaceTime dialogue with her daughter. At this point, the staff are irritated as well as the patrons.

Being the outspoken gent that I am, I say “m’aam, would you kindly mind taking your phone off speaker in the spa”, pointing to the signs asking patrons to keep their noise down.

She looks at her FaceTime call and goes “hold on, I need to take care of this faggot”.

And at this moment I was able to record:

Please take a minute to view and share this, and know that even in the Seattle region, life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows for the lgbt community.

I hope her family and friends see this one day, and are embarrassed by her despicable behavior.

There is still work to do folks. #resist


I’m gonna call this Bigoted Byotch “Mango Meghan” for her atrociously sloppy attire…her bag is a dead giveaway that’s she’s trash. Guessing it’s probably a knock off.

Mango has committed so many transgressions here…obviously her homosexist tirade is vile and disgusting but anyone who loudly conducts a speaker phone conversation in public really needs to be dumped into the nearest river, in a gunny sack, with a heavy rock thrown in to insure proper sinkage. Maybe a scorpion or two as well.

We won’t even go into her lack of interpersonal skills, poor choice of attire, and apparent fascination with her own genitalia.

Anyone know the identity of this troglodyte? Christopher’s story has been picked up by local media as well as social media.

Spread the word and shame this hideous woman.

Also: don’t use a speaker phone in public!

You can watch the vile Mango in action, here:

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One Response to Area Man Subjected To Homophobic Tirade In Lynnwood, WA Salon By “Mango Meghan”

  1. Avatar Eric says:

    Who let her out of the trailer park? White trash!