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Happy Pride Saturday Seattle!! And, Stay Hydrated!!!!




After weeks and weeks of gloomy grey cool wetness, we finally have HOT gorgeous summery weather in Western Washington…but for our fragile little acclimated to mild weather bodies, it can be traumatic to deal with sudden intense (for us) heat. Make sure to stay hydrated with WATER…plain ole boring H2O all weekend long. Booze and pop are lovely but your body needs simple water to function at its best.

A good real of thumb…after every alcoholic bevvie drink an equal amount of water!

Also….SUNSCREEN! Don’t fry your skin!

And, the lovely Mama Tits posted this graphic on her Facebook wall today as a reminder that hot pavement will burn the pads of our furry friends. Keep them off asphalt, concrete, bricks and such and only let them walk on grass and dirt! (Remember that SAND can get very hot as well if it’s not wet sand…)

AND, for later tonight after the sun sets and the air cools down but nightlife and partying heat up, please be safe out there! No drinking and driving….walk in groups when possible…have a “designated adult” around if your posse likes to party hearty. Be aware of your surroundings! DON’T leave drinks unattended! If you see suspicious activity (someone tampering with a drink) then SAY something! Alert the bar staff/security!

Things we don’t want this Pride weekend: Muggings, Bashings, Violence, Assaults as well as Overdoses or Alcohol Poisonings!!!!

Hold your Babies TIGHT and have a safe and happy Seattle Pride Weekend!

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