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April 22, 2011 Comments Off on The 5th annual Solo Performance Festival features plenty of LGBTQ material. Views: 1330 #Theater and Stage, Arts & Entertainment, Stage

The 5th annual Solo Performance Festival features plenty of LGBTQ material.

Gerald Alejandro Ford is "Chicha" at this year's Solo Performance Festival at Theatre Off Jackson.

It’s become an annual tradition…the Queen of Seattle Solo Performances Keira MacDonald presents the fifth annual Solo Performance Festival, subtitled, “Free the Radicals” at Theatre Off Jackson in the International District now through May 7. This years installment features seven longer solo pieces running from 90 to 50 minutes, and one program of shorter works, running in repertory Tuesdays through Sundays at 8pm and/or 9:15pm. Check the schedule for dates and times of each program. And, the 7 longer pieces star some of the most interesting performers in Seattle including Terri Weagant, Matt Smith, Yana Kesala and special guest Lauren Weedman who performed exclusively on the opening weekend of April 14-17. The series also includes a number of pieces that should have strong interest for the LGBTQ community including Troy Mink’s impossible to type, “MeNtAl”, Jerick Hoffer’s “Turning Parlor Tricks” and Gerald Alejandro Ford’s “Chicha (Or How To Love A Fashionista Chola Bulldyke)”. Mr. Mink is perhaps best known as the creator and performer of Carlotta Sue Philpot, frequently seen at shows at The Annex Theatre and Jerick Hoffer is a mild-mannered young actor by day at a number of theaters in Seattle including Book-It and Seattle Shakes, but is probably more recognizable as his alter-ego, popular cabaret/YouTube star Jinxx Monsoon. We don’t have a description of Mr. Mink’s show, but “Turning Parlor Tricks” is described as:

Co-Written by Keira McDonald and Jerick Hoffer and directed by Ms McDonald. Deirdre A. Irwin is the country’s foremost Transsexual Psychic and Medium. She uses her gift to enlighten and give comfort and closure to her audience. Though she was not born with her gifts, she believes her psychic powers were a gift from God on the day of her sexual reassignment surgery, or as she refers to it, the day she opened her Third Eye.

Also of the gender-bending persuasion is Mr. Ford’s “Chicha (Or How To Love A Fashionista Chola Bulldyke)”.

Written by Gerald Alejandro Ford and directed by Lonnie Tristan Renteria. Circumstantial evidence and industry jealousy land Chicha, international sensation Chola Bulldyke Fashionista in the slammer. A small kindness alters her view of the world and in the process, self-liberation. Through the use of traditional Latino story-telling and multimedia, the audience experiences cultural intersections both with humor and critical insight. Chicha will make you laugh, cry and think.

I’ve seen Mr. Mink, Mr. Hoffer and Ms Weagant in a number of productions and they are all excellent performers. The high quality of the talent involved in this year’s SPF almost guarantees you an interesting night of theater…and, judging by the descriptions of several of the pieces, probably a very funny night of theater.

Check them out.

Here’s a synopsis of this year’s line-up. Go to the SPF page at the Theatre Off Jackson website for more information and to purchase tickets.

Solo Performance Festival #5: Free the Radicals!

Tues-Sat at 8 & 9:15pm in Repertory. Now through May 7.

Theatre Off Jackson, 409 Seventh Ave S (International District). 206-340-1049

Solo performance works by local actors including Matt Smith, Terri Weagant, Jerick Hoffer, Troy Mink, Yana Kesala and Gerald Alejandro Ford.

Best in Shorts!
A Series of Short Solo Performances
“Presenting a fast-paced, variety of short solo performances. Some finished, some in progress, some experimental. Curated by Manuel Cawaling and Nikki Przasnyski.”
Playing: April 18, 26 at 8pm

Matt Smith
Written by Matt Smith
Directed by Bret Fetzer
Playing: April 20, 22, May 3, 5 at 8pm
Runtime: 90 minutes

Terri Weagant
Written by Celeve Ramadan
Directed by David Gassner
Playing: April 23 at 8pm; April 19, 21, 29 at 9:15pm
Runtime: 50 minutes

Jerick Hoffer
Co-Written by Keira McDonald and Jerick Hoffer
Directed by Keira McDonald
Playing: April 19 at 8pm; April 28, May 6, 7 at 9:15pm
Runtime: 50 minutes

Yana Kesala
Written and directed by Yana Kesala
Playing: April 28, 29, at 8pm; April 23, May 4 at 9:15pm
Runtime: 50 minutes

Troy Mink
Written by Troy Mink
Directed by Matt Smith
Video and Media by Brian Rachebeaumer
Playing: April 21, 27, 30, May 6 at 8pm
Runtime: 50 minutes

Gerald Alejandro Ford
(Or How To Love A Fashionista Chola Bulldyke)”
Written by Gerald Alejandro Ford
Directed by Lonnie Tristan Renteria
Playing: May 4, 7 at 8pm, April 27, 30 at 9:15pm
Runtime: 50 minutes

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