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July 27, 2011 Comments Off on Geek Town: Matt Smith & Karen Gillan in L.A. are adorable. Also: new Dr. Who trailer. Views: 2209 Uncategorized

Geek Town: Matt Smith & Karen Gillan in L.A. are adorable. Also: new Dr. Who trailer.

Karen Gillan and Matt Smith are "Who'in'" it up in the US this week.

After years of persuasion from friends who are fans, some of us at SGS have quickly fallen on the Dr. Who/Torchwood bandwagon, largely helped by the presence of our favorite British comedienne Catherine Tate who appeared on the show a few years back as one of the Doctor’s companions. The current Doctor and his current companion, actors Matt Smith and Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) are currently in the States promoting the next round of episodes set to premiere August 27. The two were at Comicon then headed to L.A. for appearances. Here they are at a DVD signing looking ADORABLE. Matt Smith is the youngest Doctor ever; he’s only 28 and with his floppy hair and stone-wash denim jacket we think he looks like a crush object we had in 1985…he’s ridiculously cute. (So is she, for that matter, in her vintage dress.)

We can’t wait for the next new episodes, not only because we love the show, but to find out more about the awesome River Song played by the equally awesome Alex Kingston. But, some tongues are wagging about an upcoming episode…The Doctor and his companions race against the clock to SAVE Hitler from premature assassination! (We’re guessing it’s one of those time travel things that if Hitler dies that sets in motion something that would result in something/someone WORSE than Hitler…Michele Bachmann as President, maybe?)

Check it.

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