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Just Announced #2: Tickets for “The Dina Martina Xmas Show” on sale NOW!

The Queens of Provincetown: Varla Jean Merman and Dina Martina!

Yes, Auntie Dina has just announced she is returning to “Seedle” for her annual Christmas/Holiday Show (or travesty depending on your religious views) at Re-bar, aka “The Dina Martina Christmas Show”. She’s tanned and refreshed (more likely exhausted) after her summer long stint at the Crown & Anchor in Provincetown and a September gig in NYC (that wraps October 2nd actually) and she’s gearing up to return to her home port starting Friday, November 25 at “Re-bar Place”. We hope she’s impressed with the fresh coat of paint, newly waxed floors and sparkly clean new urinals at our favorite art fart/fag & dyke-a-rama venue… And, happily, accompanist and master of dead pan comedy, Chris Jeffries will also return for the “61st annual” production. But, no mention of any video…we’re really hoping for some video, Miss Martina! We need something to top your Briman College ad parodies… Here’s the blurb from the BrownPaper Ticket page:

Sleigh bells ring; are you listening?  They’re heralding the arrival of the 61st annual Dina Martina Christmas Show!  Unwittingly hilarious and wonderfully bizarre, Dina Martina is the chanteuse with the leastest; the dancer with the hunchfront; the childlike lady who, year after year, is the holiday gift that truly keeps on giving. A perennial favorite of the likes of John Waters, Margaret Cho, Matt Stone and Graham Norton, Miss Martina’s shows have long been a favorite holiday tradition for those who want something other than the usual holiday fare. Brimming with botched carols, ungraceful dances, overburdened costumes and truly bizarre audience gifts, this ALL NEW holiday extravaganza guarantees Dina Martina’s sidesplitting blend of low-brow, top-notch comedy and near-acid-trip surrealism…

You shouldn’t dawdle if you wanna see this show on certain nights…Dina’s Xmas Show FREQUENTLY sells out for prime dates.

Bring your entire family…except for your asshole, right wing brother-in-law…no, actually you SHOULD bring him and make him sit in the front row so Dina can torture him!

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